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  • 5ft11 or 6ft1

    I am 5'7 and slim weighting 56kg
    I only surf 3 month of the year while I spend the time in Morocco and have only been surfing for 4 years.

    I have a 6ft9 board and a 6ft1 19 3/4 which is quite narrow for me. I struggle a bit to catch waves as I feel it doesn't give enough floating for me, but once I catch a waves it is all fun. surfing with the 6'9 is easy but I feel that I can't do much with it as it is too big for me and I struggle to duck diver since I am so light.

    Surfing with the 6'1 I always felt that it is perhaps the right size but to narrow and not thick enough. So i have been looking for a small but wide board that gives me more floating while paddling and to catch waves. I am not a pro, but I can catch waves and ride them.

    What would be the difference to duck dive, paddling, floating be, between the 5'11 and 6'1 baked potato? I am not good with this technical aspect of boards.

    Thank you

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    I don't think there would be much difference, you wouldn't be able to duck dive either. I'd look at the Potatonator, Dominator and maybe the Unibrow.


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      Both are waaaaaaaayyyyyyy too big for you. I'd ride a 509 or 511 and I'm 6'3" and 100kg. You won't be able to surf them. You should look at a 506 potatonator or 508 dominator.


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        Agree with Phil and Justo. I'm the same size as Justo and have the 511 BP which feels pretty right.


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          Thank you guys I will look at the potatonator one.