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  • Long board to baked potato...

    Hi I'm looking at getting baked potato a little unsure which size to go for.. I usually ride a 9'2" long board, bin surfing about 8 yrs on the east coast of the UK mostly in weak mushy waves with the odd trip else where. I am looking for something different to cross stepping and mellow rides on my longboard, I've seen a couple people surfing the baked potato and would really like something like that as an alternative. Need some advice on which size to go for, I'm 5'10" about 135lb and fairly fit...

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    Cheers for that advice. I was thinking around the 5'9" just as it would be such a large drop in size from my 9'2" longboard.. Most days I surf here its 2-3ft rarely bigger and weak so deffo need the extra volume..


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      My opinion: If you take this board out of it's size range it will not work right. It will just feel like a big awkward board that doesn't seem to function and you'll wonder what all the hype is about. The board is designed for your feet to be planted in a specific spot. Making it bigger means that you wont be able put your feet in the right place and you won't be able to control it according to it's design. I know because I've done this too many times.

      If you really want to try the Baked Potato, use the volume calculator, and trust it. If you just want to step down from your longboard, then buy a Sub Moon.


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        Your biggest issue here is the drop in length, those boards were designed to be riden way shorter than you usual short board.Ver dimension it and she will feel bigger than your longboard. At this point I would look more into the Pnator