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BP volume and fin advice needed

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  • BP volume and fin advice needed

    Hey all,

    Need some help picking BP volume and fin set up. thinking of going for a 5'1 with futures YU quads.

    currently: i'm 5'8 145 lbs surfing in south florida, like pina coladas, and getting caught in the rain....uhhh, oh wrong post. anyway, mostly waist -chest occ head + garbage but it can turn on in an instant. i have a 5'8 hellfire and it feels just right, if not maybe a little large at rob machados on those that i bought for a trip to costa rica and loved them so much i left em on. also had a 5'6 spitfire with YU's on it and that board felt good as well, just not as good as the hellfire.

    my hellfire is great, but i wanna take my small wave game up a notch and paddle out on more days i usually wouldnt because of size. also wanted a board to get me in on stuff a second early and thru the flat sections that will also be speedy on something with a little juice to it . i'm also trying to improve my face work, like linking turns, throwing the tail out instead of a weak little hit ( sometimes i try to surf like pancho sullivan and just look like a doofus cause i'm so small, but hey it gives us all a laugh). we can get a sweet little waist high perfect swell down here and i think this board will be perfect for that and our standard mush.

    how do i sound on volume and fin direction? anyone got any stories/experience etc? official firewire peeps what's your take?

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    Hi I am a wee bit shorter than you but heavier at 152 lbs I ride the 501 BP and love it. The board is just fun I never try to think how I surf it too much but have often come in from a session and the wife will say you were on today. I think because it's so easy to surf and super short you can chuck it about throw the tail cut backs hacks will very little effort. I wish it was the same with all my other boards. As for fins I like the strech quads the mr trx with m3 rear and as a twin.


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      awesome! thanks man! what construction is yours? TT or RF?

    • pmorgan
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      It's TT which really suits this style of board and looks amazing.