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    I've just had a surf this afternoon in 2-3ft onshore, high tide effected rip bank. It was one of those banks where the waves are trying their best to give you something but just didn't get there. One of those surfs where there were just bodies on short boards floating and paddling against the rip and generally getting frustrated.
    I bought the 5'5" TT BP for these exact conditions and without out it I would have just written it off and went home.

    All I can say is everyone needs a BP or SP in their quiver no question.

    There were these stepping shallow fast sections and it just ate them up - the speed is phenomenal
    There were these fat little ramp sections that allowed me to carve off into a roundhouse - if I was on a short board I would have used these to try and pump off for speed and hope there was a better section after it.

    Due to the shape of the BP, it tends to make you surf a 50/50 mix of how I ride my short board and how I might surf a retro fish.
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    That's what I'm talking bout willis...


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      I had another surf in crappy onshore 3ft ,rippy, back washy waves this afternoon. This board is got me rethinking my 3 board quiver down to a 2 board quiver. I got a couple of bigger sets - bigger than what I bought the board for and it handled the late drop and suckiness no problem. The only time I felt I was on a hybrid was when I cut back or did a reo but as far as pumping down the line I really couldn't feel it under my feet at all.
      I really think it can handle up to 4ft as long as it is a full or slow wave no problem.


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        I'm not clicking with mine at all yet. Feels slow and no drive off the bottom compared to my vanguard. Every time I get a half decent wave on it I blow it because it doesn't react the way I want it to. I think I've been surfing the Vanguard so much nothing else is comparing. I've had more success backside than frontside at least. It would probably click with more time on it but do I really want to waste another session when I could be having fun on the Vanguard?
        It's a shame because the look and feel of the TT construction is amazing but the shape isn't clicking for me. I might have to go down the Tomo CyberSim route for a groveller.


        • Goanna
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          Bummer for you Phill
          I'm coming off a board that I find harder to catch waves on so it's been great for me.

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        dont go over-surfin' goanna..your no spring chicken now..!!!.. you've gotta get a vanguard...


        • Goanna
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          Yeah Core the Vanguard is one of many on the radar - so many glowing reports can't be wrong!
          I'll wait until it comes out in a stronger tech though.

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        I've had my 5'5" in over head w/o issue.

        Man I REALLY love my BP! Too bad as I'd like to try a Tomo VG but why? I mean the BP has 5 boxes for tri/quad variation, surfs awesome, small yet holds so well and is fast. My lil 6'1" 147lbs frame was made for this board.

        However front side snaps are a challenge for me but I am a kook after all.


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          I love my 5'7" BP. I got it in TT, and usually surf it with a quad set-up. I actually try to look for days when I can't surf it, so I can give my DM a go-out!


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            Buggered if I know how you can ride a 5'5" Goanna. I've just sold my timbertek 5'11" and moved to a 5'9". The 5'11" had me floating right inbetween my belly button and bottom rib but felt corkier than the previous 5'11" I had in rapidfire so a downsize was called for. I'd hate to think how low I'd be sitting in the water on a 5'5". The Sunshine coast waves don't often have a lot of push like they can down your way which is a factor as well.


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              Yeah Cuttlefish I had the pleasure of owning a 5'8" SP so I went into the 5'5" pretty well confident I had the right size. On top of this I am getting back to my old theory of getting boards 35 litres minimum or above. I always had the best times on the models around this volume.


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                Sounds good Goanna. Glad you liked the board. I am 175lbs and 6'. I went with the 5'5" baked and the lost controller fins. Here is my ride report.
                In 3ft soft conditions with slower waves this thing surfs like a dream. I was surprised by how easy it was to beat out the whitewater and get back out on the face if I took off too late/deep. There were several times where guys ended up dropping in on me because they didn't think that I would make the flatter sections or sections that closed out, but I have found that you get so much speed on this board even when you are not pumping. It also love how skatey and maneuverable it is.

                I want to thank Phill, fokaiHI, and hawaii_boi for helping me with my initial decision.

                However, I still think I may have gone a little to big and this is why. I have a 6' 7S superfish which is about 33.3L instead of the 36' I think the 5'5" is. Not only is it harder for me to duck dive the BP, but sometimes I feel like it is actually more difficult to catch waves with the BP versus the Superfish which has less volume. I think it has to do with how much volume you have up front on the BP. I have had to push myself farther forward on the BP then I am used to because otherwise it feels like I am "pushing water" with the board when I paddle and I have less glide than with the Superfish. Also with the Superfish I can push the nose down and get up and onto the face and it feels harder to push the nose down the wave on the BP and I find myself getting hung up in the lip more as I am paddling. I was thinking that if I surf a 5'3" that has less float that it might actually make it easier to catch waves because I can use my weight shifts to push the board down on takeoffs and get hung up less. I wonder what other people's experience has been with this?


                • cuttlefish
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                  Roughly the shorter you go the more you'll notice excessive thickness and the board will feel corky to you and you'll get the wave's energy passing underneath you as you paddle for it but float up the face.
                  With the lesser volume of a thinner board you'll be lower in the water and the wave will pick you up as it starts to break and you'll be in the face and letting gravity take over.
                  Your 7s has length on its side for the same foam so increased surface/planing area which means it should paddle around the line up faster. The shorter/wider baked at a lesser volume can still paddle in well and support your weight well when on a wave at planing speed but turn better due to its shorter length.

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                I find with the BP I need to get some momentum up as the wave approaches, otherwise you sort of get sucked up and cat get down. With my other boards (like spitfire) I can take off later with less strokes.

                The other thing I notice is that my spitfire of lower volume will paddle faster than the BP, even though the BP is way more floaty - must be the wide shape. I think the BP still paddles easy, just slower.

                I have just changed my BP from 5'7 RF down to 5'5 RF and after my first surf I am very happy with the change. For a 36L board it floats really well. The Surf was 1.5ft onshore mush. The first few waves I noticed that it got in a little later than the 5'7, but once up and going felt heaps better.
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                  I've just downsized as well. Found the timbertek felt more bouyant than my previous RF. No appreciable loss of paddle in the flats or wave catching but my 2 sessions have both been in micro mush that didn't even deserve my attention.


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                    Cuttlefish did you go with TT or RF


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                      First 5'11" RF, second 5'11" TT, third 5'9" TT. Third time lucky! Well first RF 5'11" was fine but sold to fund a good wave board last cyclone season.


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                        Can't praise or give a BIG enough wrap about my 5'1" BP in TG. I actually look forward to the small, weak & mushy waves, just so I can take it out. Whilst most other guys still have a standard or step-down short board on a 1-2ft day, they struggle to both catch a wave & when they do, all they are doing is bouncing up & down on their board to stay on the wave. The BP let's me do nice round house cutties, hit the little crumbly lips, get a little vert & trim along the face instead of doing the "bunny-bounce". I'm glad people think they could never ride a 5'1" board....I'm really, really glad!


                        • Marshall
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                          Looks like the 5'1 works well for you. What's your height and weight? I can't decide whether to get the 5'1 or 5'3. I'm 75kg and around 5'11 in height.