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  • 5.3 or 5.5?

    really torn between these two sizes, any advice appreciated.

    I am 6.1" 80kg, a couple of months ago i sold my sweet potato 5.4 because i was having a love hate relationship with it, but i am finding myself missing it. I think the BP overcomes some of the issues i had with the SP. The 5.4 SP for me just had no range and with the massive tides we get, the waves change shape a lot quickly, as soon as it got steeper i struggled with it, also found it hard to cut back. I had a go on my mates 5.0 and loved it, but that was on 2ft plus and thats not what i want it for, I found the smaller size of the 5.0 SP a lot more manoeuvrable due to thinner rails. And thats what i'm thinking about the 5.5 BP, is it too big? i know i can catch pretty much any wave on the 5.4 SP which is 34 litres like the 5.5 BP but the 5.3 is similar to the 5.8 dom in volume (which i have) and i don;t know if it will catch the crap i intend to surf it on?

    Any experiences you guys can share regarding volume?

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    I would say if you feel happy with the Dom Vol get the baked in the same. The plane shape of the board is different and will help in the mush and feel way more playful. The baked is much looser than the Sweet anyway so and extra liter over your dom won’t hurt if it’s pure drivel waves you want to surf.
    Personally I don’t bother taking out my baked unless its cleaner and 2ft anything below is a waste of time. Just end up getting frustrated and blame the board for shit waves.


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      I'm 90kg and on the 5'5" with Simon Anderson large quads and a middle finger 5h fin - couldn't be happier
      at 80kg I'd say go the 5'3"


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        Thanks for the advice guys, i am happy with the volume in the dom and less, i have a 5.8 dom, 5.9 unibrow, 6.1 hellrazor + 6.3 flexfire pin (27 litres) its just that for catching 1ft - 2ft mush the 5.4 sweet potato was epic and meant i didnt need to get the longboard out, i don't need a board for anything 2ft+ as i will break out the dom or the uni, this board will be specifically for the crap waves. What i really need to Know is if the 5.3 will catch the mush just as much as the 5.5? I had to break out the longboard since selling the SP and it bores the shit out of me :-(

        I used to have a scream on the SP in 1-2ft slop, its just that when the waves improved in shape i hated it.

        Also do you have to surf the baked the same way as the sweet? as in not like any other board you usually surf ;-)


        • Phill
          Phill commented
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          I thought the sweet was a better board than the baked personally. Felt like the baked on had the advantage when the waves had a little steepness or size. For speed and fun in junk I preferred the Sweet.
          At 77kg the 5'3 felt like a lot of board but it didn't get me into waves like my 5'2 Sweet used to and didn't have the drive off the bottom turn either. More outline curve, more performance but less rail line on the Baked. I bet it's a great board in small pockety stuff but figured an objective opinion might be helpful.

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        There is a very interesting link on vol that has just been posted on the forum. The simple answer is the 5'5 will catch wave’s easer not due to the vol increase but rather the surface area. but the difference will be so slight I doubt its noticeable.
        I will probably be shot down for that statement but I think it’s true. I have a 508 MD 25 ltrs, I bought a 510 rock up same with almost the same nose and tail dimensions low entry rocker 27 ltrs vol.
        Did it catch wave’s easer... NO. It should have in theory as it had more surface area but I could not tell the difference and doubt any other average surfer could. I think the jump in length has to be significant to really make wave catching easer. My 6,6 semi gun at 18 1/8 2 ¼ is way quicker at paddling that the Rock up was ot MD is.

        Go the 5,3 Baked.


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          Thanks guys, very helpful. Although i am now thinking about a 5.2 SP after what phil said :-( , gutted though they don't do it in timbertek. What i liked about my mates 5.0 SP was the rails where a LOT thinner than the 5.4 SP so maybe the 5.2 is a good compromise.

          Pmorgan, that makes sense.

          so its now between the 5.2 SP and the 5.3 BP, decisions decisions!


          • Phill
            Phill commented
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            Sp is on the way in TT with 5 fin boxes. That'll be a winner I reckon.
            You might love the baked though, but it didn't do it for me.

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          Im more likely to be swayed by what you say phil as we have always seemed to have a similar quiver, surf similar waves and are a similar weight. I don't really want to sacrifice the SP's wave catching ability, i mean i could surf that board and actually have fun when others wouldn't even go in, think 2ft howling onshores i was still out there killing it on the SP.

          it's my own fault for selling the SP, but after the storms we had over winter, all the sand has gone from my local beachie and the banks are crap, the amount of times in the past couple of weeks i wanted to grab the SP is ridiculous :-(

          The TT SP might be on its way, but will probably take months to get to the UK, i'm too impatient for that, i want to order a board today


          • Phill
            Phill commented
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            I regret selling my 5'2 sweet potato. Had loads of fun on that thing!!

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          And now i cant find an SP 5.2 for sale in the UK Grrrrrrrrrr


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            I ended up with a 5.3" baked pot TT, will leave a review soon, don't think it paddles as good as the SP or even my UNI, but i am having trouble finding the lie point for paddling, being 6.1" makes it a bit tricky, but i didnt have this trouble with my 5.4" SP, that paddled really well.

            Now fins! I've got a set of MR TFX's any idea what can go behind them, will the SF4 rears be ok?


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              Bit of a review after a couple of surfs, bad points first - i dont know if its because i got the 5.3 and not the 5.5 but it does not paddle or get onto crappy little waves any where near as good as the 5.4 SP in fact i think my dom is better at catching waves, BUT that is the only bad point i can find with this board compared to the SP

              I had it in 1ft overhead the other day with pretty steep takeoffs, it held remarkably well, it turns great, hasn't slid out on me yet, you can throw it around great with it being sooo small, lots of speed in crap surf, i can do snappy top turns, i haven't buried the front rail on a bottom turn like i used to with the SP, all in all it is a great little board with a lot more range than the SP, but not as good as the SP at the very, very low end crappy surf.

              If you want something for 1ft crap that stays 1ft crap then get the SP, if you want something that can handle different conditions as the tide drops/comes in then get the BP!


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                I think the SP tail makes a diff here. Although if you wanted to compare Apples to Apples (although it is like Fuji to Mcantosh), I'd say a BP 5.5 is equiv to an SP 5.4 in vols.


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                  I also want to trade my 5'4'' SP for a BP and am torn between the 5'5'' and the 5'3''. I weigh 78kg and my goto board is a 5'8'' spitfire. I was leaning towards the 5'5'' because the volume is closer to the 5'4'' SP and this board will only be used as a groveler (1 to 2', 3 foot sets at the most). I basically want the same paddling easiness of the SP but something that surfs a bit more vertical and sinks the rail easier. Should I go 5'5'' or 5'3''?