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Odd fin box fractures using older FCS

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  • Odd fin box fractures using older FCS

    So 4 of 5 fin boxes have cracks in the actual plastic of the fin plugs. Seems really odd. I noticed 1 appear after a few surfs, now about a year later its like almost all of em. Its like the board has leaky bladder syndrome as days or weeks can pass between surfs and water continues to dribble out.

    I think shops charge $40 per fin box repair, that's like $160, pfffft I think not. Any one have any insight or experienced this? I don't over tighten fins, or at least I don't think I do.

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    That's a common problem with the two tab fcs system. Recently there was another member who had the same issue with his old board, just scroll down through the new topics list and read through it. That problem has affected more than just firewire boards.


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      hey Aurf you are also welcome to reach out to and he'll help you through things as needed...


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        Thanks guys, it makes sense. I wonder if the problem will carry over to FCS2 system? At any rate thanks for the feed back.


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          i don't think it will, it even became much less an issue with the fusion plugs...

          FCSII is a single box and the tabs are a little wider so the force is a little more evenly distributed across the box...


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            I just thought of something! This means I am on the right track and progressing rather nicely. The fins are causing stress fractures due to "massive!" torque exerted by said surer (me)... on the back foot :)

            At any rate, that's the story I am sticking too :)


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              yup aurf = Michel