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  • Chedda sizing... Wheres the love?

    Wheres the love guys normally you go mad for a board discussion? Il keep it sweet this time!

    5'7 70kg (72kg max) what size chubby chedda? 5'9???

    If you fancy wading in to my other questions hit up my thread below!!!

    Cheers all

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    or hellrazor?!?! or hellfire?!


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      You could probably drop to the 5'8 if you like lower volume but the 5'9 would go good. There isn't a lot between those sizes. I'd pick the CC over the others personally...


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        Same problem here! no one commenting.... :(

        Im in the debate between a 6'2 and 6'4. I weigh 90kgs now... kind of leaning towards the 6'2, but worried that some weight might be added later in life. Im young and fit as a running shoe...any suggestions? Using, i think it was buzzys formula, 0.37x90kg=~35L....meaning that the 6'2 CC would be considered my highperformance board....

        also just found out the 6'4 is out of stock.... dummed.... i guess im stuck with the 6'2...


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          I want to build a two board FIREWIRE quiver, thinking about the 5'8 or 5'9 CC and as a step-up the 5'10 MB thin or a 6'2 or 6'3 Flexfire round tail. I'm about 5'10, 70kg and surf point/reef breaks, shoulder to DOH. What do you think?


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            cheers phil! why the CC over the other two? looks like it has a bit less nose rocker and a bit more tail rocker to me... at the moment my only board is a 508 spitfire which is great but gets sketchy when it gets big/hollow/sucky... i think 509 CC is gonna be the go... then i suppose eventually il get a true step up and replace the spitfire and have a sweet 3 board quiver for all occasions!
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              The HF and HZ dims just don't quite do it for me. The CC looks perfect though. I loved the Sub and this just looks even better.


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                Got a demo 5'9 til the weekend, im frothin. Working from home for the week and the surf has been and is gonna be pumping!

                The dimensions do just look so nice and it feels SO light but less rigid than my rapidfire spitfire.


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                  Loved it. The surf was a little smaller but still good today 2-3 occasional 4fters nice and clean and got hollow and sucky as the tide dropped off...

                  The 5'9 chub was nearly as easy to catch waves on as my 5'8 spit... I was really suprised with its ability to catch small waves...

                  It definitely wasnt as fast in flat sections and fatter waves but plenty fast enough and more importantly when it walled up and got fast/steep it just held so SO much better, felt like it didnt sit as high and could get a rail in way better but then at speed it had plenty of lift and drive...

                  Also the difference riding FST compared to rapidfire is very palpable, the rapidfire is so rigid and clattery, great when its small but the flex and dampening effect of the FST is awesome in comparison especially in critical drop ins and bottom turns and when theres a little chop to slice thrpough....

                  I thought maybe with steep drop ins the fairly flat nose rocker would be a bit of a pain... But the genius of this board is in the thin tail with a whippy rocker... Youv got the paddle power and catching ability of a flatter board which you can get your weight forward in flat sections and outrunning the foamball then when you need it you shift the weight back and theres all the rocker you need! Lovely for drivey bottom turns and getting lift for floaters!!! What a great shape!!!

                  Got a sick barrel and it wedged up and closed out on me but i didnt care i was just frothin so hard... pretty sure im gonna buy one but i still kinda want to try out a 5'8 hellfire...

                  Looked at one in a shop and it has a fair bit more double concave and nose rocker but a flatter tail....

                  Anyone got anymore input comparing hellfire and chubby chedda?



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                    So i returned the 5'9 Chedda demo to firewire today and it turns out for some reason they have two 5'9 demos so ones been put aside for me to buy at a great price - it was meant to be.


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                      What's your weight and height? I ride 5'8" Spitfires and Dominators, and my typical shortboard is 6'2". I'm considering a 5'11" Chubby Chedda. I like a little bit more float in my boards. I'm 170lbs.


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                        Yo kiteboarder, im 5'7 and about 70kgs about 155lbs?!?! My 508 spitfire was too big, i learnt loads on it and it went great in the small stuff but i think i wouldve been happier on a 506 or even (pushing it) a 504...

                        I felt like i couldve gone smaller on the CC maybe 508 but dont want to sacrifice wave catching and it definitely didnt feel corky... Great board!!!

                        If you like a bit more float i reckon a 510/511 would be good for you depending on what you want it for....