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  • 5'6 Chubby vs 5'6 Hellfire?

    Can someone break down the difference between the 2. Ride, rails, bottom & deck concaves, and what work better at beach break. Thanks

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    Both are designed to be small wave shortboards so they are similar. The CC is basically your standard hpsb that has been modified for smaller waves. Luke Short has done this by widening the board throughout, while maintaing a thinned out tail. The tail allows you to pump very well and the overall feel of the CC is very "shortboardy".

    The HF is a combination of the DM and the SF, so while it is designed to also be a small wave shortboard, I would still classify the board as more of a hybrid, in terms of performance, when compared with the CC. I would ride the HF in 3-5ft surf and the CC in 3-6ft surf. Again, very similar, but I think you could push the high end of the wave range with the CC, whereas the HF you can push the lower end of the range (depends on what you're looking for).

    The various fin setups with the HF is a plus because you can adjust for the given conditions. Because of this, if the conditions are choppy or mushy, you could throw in a quad or five fin setup and get speed to deal with the chop/ slowness. On the other hand, if you prefer thrusters, than I'd go with the CC. But in chop/ mushy conditions, this board will not do as well. At a punchy beach break, CC will work well. The HF will work well in these conditions too, with the added capability of being able to function in sub-par surf if the conditions turn.

    - Firewire Intern Josh


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      Thanks Josh! Two more question. I forgot to add in the 5'6 Sub Scorcher in the comparison with the HF and CC and I'm also looking into a 5'10+ board to complement my quiver. Any suggestions? I have 5'9 HR, 5'6 HF, and 5'2 PN. Thanks again


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        That already sounds like an awesome quiver! My quiver is... a 5'9 CC...


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          Thanks Nelson.


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            There is so many boards i want to demo. Really have to get down to firewire in currumbin soon! I espcially want to try a 501 TT BP as a step down form my CC and maybe a 509 HR as a step up or possibly a 503or4 vanguard as a bit of a step up and just out of interest. My trucks cluctch is on the way out though so i havent been driving it so its mostly been early morning surfs out the front of our place (in Broadbeach if you know the gold coast) i really do love my CC though and it always amazes me how well it paddles and the huge range of surf it goes well in! i have even managed to get some pretty good 1-2ft sessions on it!!!!! Im also excited to see what 2014 releases there are although im more of a pick up a cheap one from last season than get the brand spankers models kind of a guy!

            on a final note one tihng i really love about my CC which caught me straight away is how simple it looks, i think the step down rails and stuff on some models look a bit ugly and its cool to have the 5 fin box options but my CC is just so white and crisp and simple with nice soft contours. what a beaut!!!


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              I hear ya. I'm looking into a 5'10+ as a step up to my 5'9 HR. We finally had a descent swell, about a week or so ago and the HR worked out fine. It was 3-5ft that day. I usually ride my bike down to the local beachy now a days. I rarely drive now, unless with a sess with friends. The smallest BP has to much volume for me, that's why I picked up the PN. We had a little wind swell with good shape about 2-3 weeks ago. It's was 1-2ft with occasionally rare 3, on a medium going high tide. Perfect for the PN. So much fun and nobody around. Fun little sess and I rode the PN as a quad. I mostly ride the HF. I've had it for a while now. I can ride that in punchy 1-4ft. I'm curious about the CC.