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  • Chubby Cheddar vs Unibrow( vs Spitfire)

    Hi guys I am new to Firewire and am looking for advices: i have been surfing regularly for 20 years, back foot,weigh185/200 pounds and 6'2 tall. I normally surf 6'3X19 1/2X2 1/2 33 liters Wayne Linch surftech for the small to medium surf, i have a 5'10 epoxy rocket fish(40/45 liters) that does well in the crappy mushy surf. I bought a 6'5 PU Fort Knox recently, good board but really does well in the clean overhead surf, not an everyday board. I was thinking of buying a board that does well from 1/2 ft mush to 3/4 ft clean, but it looks like you need 2 boards to cover that. I was really keen on the Chubby cheddar 6'1/6'2 similar to the Fred Rubble from what i have seen; but as a back foot maybe the Unibrow makes more sense. Also i like a good paddling board without to much rocker to keep good speed and fly on flat sections. What do you guys think? I really like the outline of the Chubby vs the Unibrow, and i am looking for the paddling ability of the Dominator/Spitfire. I live far from a test center unfortunatly. Thanks for your help. Gautier.

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    Hey mate,

    Sounds to me like you are right in looking at the chubby. I have one and have found it has made me better at surfing on my back foot as it has a very refined whippy tail. I love the outline of this board and its pretty flat most of the way in from the nose so it paddles well but yeh really nice rails and thinness to the tail with quite a lot of rocker there makes it great on the back foot and just super fun to surf.

    I would say below 2ft this board starts to struggle especially if you have it in your mid volume range or below but it goes really well in 2-5ft+.

    Because its quite wide and has a mellow nose rocker i find it paddles very well, i think my 509 paddles better than a higher volume 508 spitfire that i tried. Once you get your footing right its easy to generate speed especially if you are on the back foot you get a nice little squirt of acceleration when you put your weight down and the tail rocker makes it really nice to hold speed through turns and generate speed pumping and trimming across the wave.

    I havent tried the unibrow. The chubby chedda is just such a nice shape for me, its currently my only board and it goes well in a big range of conditions but when it gets below 2ft i will usually take out a fat 6'4 pu fish that my firend left at our house.

    I dont get on with the spitfire really but a lot of people seem to love it.

    Hope that helps!


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      Hi Nelson, thanks for that. Still undecided, i think i'll push my brother to buy the Unibrow and i'll buy the Chubby so we can share! Anyway, thanks again Nelson.


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        No worries man, let us know how you get on with whatever you go for!


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          Hello i need help, sorry about my english im spanish, i want to buy a cc and i have a problem with the size, i'm 72 kg weight and 174 cm height and an intermediate level Surfing, i choose cc 5"9 or cc 5"10?


          • Josh BL
            Josh BL commented
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            If you get the 510, it will be easier at first. However, if you plan on progressing your surfing, you may want to get the 509. The 509 may be a little harder at first, but you will improve your surfing in the long term. Once you get a feel for the board, you'll be happy you went with less volume in the 509, rather than getting frustrated with too much volume in the 510.

            - FIJ

          • Pooh beach
            Pooh beach commented
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            I am 72kg and about same height as you Sille and have a 5'9 CC (27.5L) and find it a touch under-volumed for me.

            I also have a 5'6 Dom, 6'0 Quadra 5 both at 28.5L volume and find the volume on those both perfect for me.

            I actually wish I had gone the 5'10 CC now as my 5'9 struggles a little volume wise if the surfs under chest high. I've surfed it in double over head hollow surf and at that size the 27.5L volume is fine, but at 5'9 you notice how short it is in big stuff in which case the extra inch of the 5'10 would be better anyway.

            So I guess my two cents worth would be to go the 5'10, unless you are only surfing it in head high to double head range. I'm an experienced surfer and while I get away with the 5'9 I reckon the 5'10 would have been a better bet for me.

            Let me know if you ended up getting one as would be interested to hear your thoughts, or what other Firewires you have and feedback on them being that we are same weight and height!

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          Ok thanks man!!!


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            Ok so i bought a 6'2 CC; a lot of volume in the nose, and maybe i should have gone with the 6'1 as it floats a lot for me, even at 200 pound. She really goes fast down the line on the flat; plenty speed in the bottom turn and quick to turn so i am happy. Still she is an Hybrid board, not High perf or maybe is if shorter i don't know. A good purchase, my brother gets his UB soon so will compare. Cheers


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              Hy Guys Both boards are great; Unibrow more forgiving so prob better choice if looking for confort. Chubby is slighty more technical but will give you similar paddling, buoyancy and speed as the unibrow. If still undecided, back footed and looking for ease, get the unibrow. Cheers