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  • chubby compared to dominator

    Hey everyone, Am thinking of buying a CC for my next board though I want to make sure I am not waisting my money. The board looks amazing and I have done my research, though I still have a few questions. I have a BP in a 5'3 for my small wave board. For anything else I use my 5'6 dominator. Basically I'm wondering if I'm going to see a big change using the CC? I would use it as my 'performance' board when the waves are just right, nothing really over 5 ft. I want to progress my surfing so am wondering if this is the next board to help me do that? I'm 155-160 pounds (69-71kg). I'm around 5'10 and an intermediate surfer, doing snaps and cutbacks though at times inconsistent at the moment. I thought the 5'10 model though reading the forum am now thinking 5'9. I don't have an issue with my dominator really, just wondering if the CC will help me progress. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Cheers. Pete.

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    It's definitely a more progressive shape and rocker than the Dominator. I reckon it'll be good for what you're looking for.


    • Pete.T
      Pete.T commented
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      Phil, do you agree with the 5'9 as opposed to the 5'10? There is only 1L in it. In your opinion what would be a 'struggling point' of the dominator as opposed to the CC. For example the tail of the D?

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    Mate from what youv said its a great choice. It should fit nicely with your baked potato as a 2ft+ board. Iv got a 5'9 im maybe a touch lighter than you and 5'8 i could probably go smaller but love mine. The 509 will be quite a lot less volume than your BP but only a litre less than your dom so should be fine


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      At your height, weight, and experience, I say go 509. Sounds like you are motivated to progress your surfing, so you should be able to handle the 509 just fine. Once you get it dialed in under your feet and find the sweet spot for your turns you will learn to love the board.

      The CC is definitely a great progressive shortboard for the wave range you gave above. It will perform better than the Dominator at the max of your range (5ft), and I have a feeling eventually you will be taking it out on days where you would otherwise choose your Dominator as well! I'll ride my CC anywhere from 3-6ft.

      - Firewire Intern Josh


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        Haha i was going to say with a 503 bp and a 509 cc you may well end up selling the dominator!!


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          That's great guys, thanks so much for the feedback. I think I will go the 5'9, and I was thinking about selling the dominator as well as I think your right, I may use it instead. Will just see if I have to do it financially, maybe I could keep both. ;) Thanks again, Pete.