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  • Chubby Chedda - how does the paddle compare to other hybrids?

    Hey guys, I'm still undecided on which board I'll get and hopefully you'll be able to help out. I'm really inclined to get the Chubby Chedda. I held it and it felt awesome. But I had decided that my next board would have to be an easy paddler, to bring that wave count up.

    It seems that the Chubby Chedda is an easy paddler... but just how easy is it compared to grovelers? Will a groveler still be easier to catch a wave than the CC even when the surf gets 4ft up?

    By groveler I mean, hybrid boards, made for performance in small waves... I'm not really into full on grovelers because I don't usually go out when it's 1ft.

    I was looking at the DHD Switch Blade, which is supposedly a small wave board... but the volume... a 5'11'' is less than 29lt... while the Chubby Chedda is almost 31lt. Yet they advertise it as an easy wave catching board.

    Another board I was looking into was the DHD Black Diamond... or the Double Shot... even the Neckbeard. But all of these boards are advertised as grovelers, which is what we usually associate with easy wave catching, and that is precisely what I want.

    I want to surf small waves... but living an hour (and an expensive toll road) away from the nearest break, I usually don't go out when it's 1 - 2ft. So the smallest I'll surf will likely be 2-3ft. How much paddle power am I losing here when it's 3 - 4ft mush if compared to the other boards I mentioned? Will I still be able to increase my wave count with the Chubby Chedda? It looks so high performance.

    I'm a intermediate surfer... but I want to improve, I can't do a decent carve or a snap, and the CC, even though I'll probably have a hard time getting used to, will probably allow me to loosen up more and start to get better. But none of that will matter if it doesn't help my wave count, because honestly I think I miss too many waves.

    I'm 5'9'', 175lbs (79kg). I currently ride a 6'1'' Buddy-x by Surf Prescriptions. It is a versatile board, with lots of volume on the front, easy to catch waves... but too stiff. I should have probably made it a 5'11''. I'm thinking of getting a 5'11'' CC, or maybe even a 6'0'', if it helps catching waves.

    Also, how forgiving is this board?

    Let me know if I was unclear I would really appreciate some help.


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    I'm 82 kg and am on a 5'10 I rode the 5' 11 and it felt a bit too chunky in the rails for my personal preference But I probably surf more than what I should Absolutely love my Chubby Chedda though


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      Thanks Wandi. But what is your level of surfing? I'm not too good, and I never went below 6'1''... I'm not sure I have the guts to jump straight to a 5'10, plus I think I need the volume.

      And how do you think the board paddles? Easy to catch waves? If it's slightly hollower does the board get easier or harder to catch the wave?


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    I think it paddles really well.... As you want it for 2-3ft and up i reckon you would be fine on the 510 or 511.

    Iv got a 509 and im 68-70kg and it goes great in 2ft, i can get waves in even smaller but 2ft is when i start getting a good session out in the water...

    I would say in general it prefers a better wave but itl go in mush too.

    I bought mine because of how much i liked the shape when i picked it up in store and i havent regretted it, best board iv had by far! Now im just startign to wish i had a 506 or 507 for better days but love that i can still use mine in 1-2ft as long as its pushy....

    Hope that helps!


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      Also i think its a great board for getting you into more performancy surfing, i have only really been surfing about 2 years but the biggest progression by far was when i sold my 508 spitfire (way over volumed and just not the right board for me even tho i learnt loads on it and had a grreat time!) and got my chubby chedda....


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        Thanks Nelson!

        I'm pretty much locked on the CC. I'm in Brazil and next week is Carnaval, so no ordering a board until Carnival is over (no one will work for a week).

        So unless I run into something that absolutely changes my mind in the mean time, I will probably go with the CC.

        I was looking at smaller wave boards though... for even easier paddling. but like I said, if it can't handle 4-6 ft, it won't work for me.


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          I'm seriously thinking about getting a 5'10'' DHD Double Shot as my groveler board up to 4, maybe 5 ft... Then I order a slightly larger Chubby Chedda, around 6'1 (maybe 6'3''?!), for when the surf getts better, 5ft to slightly overhead... or whenever it's 3-4ft but hollow.

          5'10'' DHD Double Shot = 1 - 4ft
          6'1'' LSD Chubby Chedda = 4ft to overhead+, or anytime it's hollower

          Can you confirm if that makes sense? I'm sure about how the Double Shot will handle the conditions it's intended for... I'm just not sure the Chubby Chedda could be my go to board for bigger, hollower surf. Will just making it bigger be enough, or should I look into a different design?



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            I think the CC would be a bit misplaced at 4ft+ depending on sizing id say its a 1-2ft+ or 2-3ft plus board... Mines kinda big for me since i lost a lot of weight and i can ride it in even smaller than 2ft as long as the wave has some shape and push....

            I have surfed around barra in rio and the waves i saw there a CC would be perfect. I would like to visit brazil more, i spent a few weeks in rio training jiu jitsu it was great, my little brother was living there he said carnival week was crazy haha.

            I dont tihnk you should go bigger than 6.0 on the CC i know josh rides the same size as me (509) but he is taller and heavier, if i remember correctly he rides his in 3ft+, the board will dfinitely hold its own in well overhead conditions but if you are looking for something 3-4ft+ (to me this means a breaking wave will be head high, overhead on the sets but i tend to talk wave back hawaiin style scale...).

            The kind of quiver i would consider is a real groveller with some extra volume and grovelly shape, depending on your taste you can go for a short board like the potatos that firewire do or a fish or mal type board.... My personal choice would be the baked potato. this would be for 1-3ft then chubby chedda fills the "daily driver" "stubby shortboard" spot for say 2-6ft+ depending on how you size it and how you get on with it, maybe it wont go in the upper or lower limits so well. Above that id want some sort of semi step up really...

            I hope this helps, josh BL will prob drop in at some point hes full of good advice!


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              I think itd be wise to get one of these boards sized well and go from there, see how it surfs and try and fit another board in around it...


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                Thanks Nelson!

                I'll do just that. Firstly I'll get the Double Shot for knee high to head high surf, or as big as I can push it, I think it will always depend on how much power the wave is packing. The main reason I'm getting this board is because I want the easiest paddling possible, and I read that it paddles better even than the bottom feeder, even though it's super high performance. and I have a 6'1''by Surf Prescriptions that handles itself pretty well when it's bigger, so it's fine if the first one is a groveler.

                I'll get the Double Shot on these dims - 5'10 20 3/4 2 3/4 34.38

                I'm looking into the Chubby Chedda because I held it and it's just insane... very appealing. However I think that's not the board I need right now. What I need is to increase my wave count. Catching more waves will make me a better surfer than a higher performance board will. I know the Chubby Chedda paddles great, but I'm pretty sure (correct me if I'm wrong) it's still behind a groveler like the DD in paddle power.

                The Chubby Chedda is 30,8lt at 5'11'', while the Double Shot is 35,44lt at the same size.

                As for the 4+ plus board (by 4ft I actually mean chest high and up), I was suspecting that the Chubby Chedda would be too much of a small wave board... Too bad the Double Shot seems to fit my needs better.

                I thought about the DHD Monster for my 4ft+ board, or maybe the Sweet Spot. Would have to talk to the shaper to see which would be better for my level of surfing, probably the Monster.

                Check these Double Shot photos in case you don't know the's pretty sweet.
                The Double Shot was created out of increased demand for a board that enabled surfers to shred in waves which would normally not be deemed surfable.
                The widened nose and tail area combined with a super fast flat rocker allows you to punch through dead sections and maintain drive in waves that are not forthcoming in the power department.
                Also adding to the Double Shots engine room is a Single entry to Deep double concave extending all the way through to a slight touch of vee out the tail. This concave which is found in many of DHs small wave models creates increased drive and smoother rail to rail transition most needed in small gutless waves.
                The rail setup also compliments this models small wave features with a medium boxy profile creating forgiveness and versatility.
                Sized down between 3-5 inches off your normal short board, the Double Shot will get you turning a tighter arc, drawing new lines and hitting sections that you never thought were makeable!


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                  Also check these 2 videos of this dude ripping with this board... I'm pretty much sold.




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                    Hey mate sorry for no reply have been on holiday, not surfing but sailing and freediving in bay of islands Nz so was awesome anyway! I am familiar with DHD as they are shaped here on the gold coast. I think you will a fair bit of overlap with the double shot and the CC the doubleshot will maybe be more versatile with fin options... the waves in this video a CC would go great in! I ride my CC in waist-shoulder high up to well overhead and find it deals pretty well.... Its a great paddler! if you can you should really demo but now that you have the double shot which looks great i would consider something a little more high performancy for bigger better waves....


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                      Hey Nelson. That's alright mate, I was pretty much decided and went for the Double Shot. It's kinda scary how wide it is, but I guess that's how it catches anything... I ordered it 2 1/2 instead of a 2 3/4 wide, and went for it. 5'10``, smallest board I ever had.

                      Still 20 days away though, but I'm already thinking about my next board. I was hoping I could get the CC but bigger, maybe 6'2'', but I'm not sure that would be optimal, I'm afraid it would be too corky... Another option I'm looking at is the Puzzle Piece... can't find much on it though, but it looks great. The DHD Monster looks good too, but I held it and it looks too bulky.

                      I still have some time, but I'll start giving it a thought to make sure I make a good choice when I get it.


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                        For the waves in those videos, the CC would be an excellent choice. Though the CC is wider than a standard hpsb, the wideness is really not evident when you're surfing it. When the waves are 2-3ft., you'll be pleasantly surprised at how it maintains its speed, and then when it gets to be 4-5ft. or even 6ft.+, the CC will imitate a hpsb with tons of speed and versatility.

                        As Nelson said above too, you don't want to go too big on the CC. The wideness allows you to go much shorter than your standard hpsb. Riding a short thruster like the CC aids with maneuverability and creates a snappy response to any line you draw on a wave.

                        - FIJ


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                          Thanks Josh.

                          I just went back to the surfshop to help a buddy with his new board (he was stranded on some rocks along with a few buddies and had to ditch the board not to risk the lifeguard's life while he was being rescued... gnarly stuff. worse, it was his only board.), and I checked the chubby chedda again... sick board. But I think I'll have to get it later down the road having just gotten the DS. I held a bunch of boards just now on the shop, including the Puzzle Piece I mentioned... I think it's exactly the board that I need. It is pretty much a HPSB, not a hybrid, but it does have some extra foam under the chest and slightly wider outline near the chest for easy take off paddle. The rails seem to be just right too for all around performance, while still holding in steep faces.

                          I think I'll get a 6'3''and use it for 4-8+. I don't think I'll need a bigger or more barrel oriented board anytime soon... I think 2x overhead is by far the furthest I'll go for the foreseeable future, and if I go, I'll be shitting my pants... So I think a 6'3'' is good for holding when I go big, but isn't excessively big for performance on a 5ft wave... after all it's not intended to be ridden shorter like the CC or the other boards I was looking at.

                          The dims seem just right for me as a step up board, but can handle good 3ft. Or so I think... 6'3''' x 19 3/4 x 2 9/16. it's 32.8lt on this dims. I think the length will help me getting into the waves when it's bigger, sometimes I struggle with that on my 6'1''... and I only need to surf this board when it's at least 4 ft (chest high).

                          I know this is a firewire forum, but I wanted to share what I ended up getting. But I will get a CC after I grow into the DS.
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