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  • How versatile is chubby chedda?

    I went to surf shop today with list of boards which I had narrowed down after online research. All the boards were Firewire except for CI Fred Rubble. I just wanted to see and feel the boards in person before I make final decision. I was leaning towards Unibrow when I entered the shop, however I was not too keen on the round tail. I would much prefer a squash. The guy in the store basically told me that for the money I might as well get a firewire since the fred rubble "as good as it is ...just won't last as long as a firewire". The guy in the shop said to me ..."don't get a UB ...go for a CC instead". He said he loved it and uses it at breaks as me. For some reason it was a board that had previously skipped my attention. I picked it up and instantly it felt good. I want to get one. Probably a 5'9 or 5'10. I already have a 6'2 JS Joel Parkinson which is just slightly under volume for me. It paddles like shit and is not suitable in majority of surf but I still use it sll the time. I also have a 6'4 JS V2.1 which is way over volume. But it's fun and easy to ride ...great in smaller stuff. Especially when my local break is small as the waves are often very full so the extra size and volume helps get in early. My question is how far realistically will the CC take me in both directions - smaller and larger. I just want an opinion from others - not just the guy in shop trying to make a sale. My local break is a beach called 'the farm' on south east coast of Australia. It is predominately medium (waist) to large, often overhead+ sets. Though long rolling waves with some full/fat sections. With a long paddle back through the breakers after catching long right handers. Other spots nearby such as Mystics are more punchy, quick and less predictable. Will CC match theses conditions? Thanks

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    I'm crazy for this board too, but I am on a similar dilemma.

    From all I researched, it is meant to ride small waves, but everyone in here seems to think it will work better if the wave has more punch to it. it will work up to slightly overhead to an average surfer.


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      Ok, thanks mate. I would consider myself an average surfer anyway. I think that suits me. On larger waves I am realistically just happy if I can control it and not be thrown off too often. I suppose what really want to know is how well it goes in a variety of conditions. From fuller flater waves or sections to steeper waves and drop offs. It appears as though it does. But I would like some first hand accounts of how well it goes when guys mix it up.


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        Definitely, I too want to hear more from people who have actually ridden the board.


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          The CC is my daily driver in SoCal. Ideal conditions are punchy 4-5ft. I have also had lots of fun with it in 2-3ft punchy surf, and it still works well in mushy 3ft. surf because you can truly generate a ton of speed with that squash tail. When the surf gets to be 6-7ft., it will still work with the right fins. It can get a bit squirrely with medium fins in overhead surf, so I'd recommend throwing in some larges. I surfed Honolua Bay over new years on a solid swell with medium fins and I was definitely pushing the board that day. Now that I have a VG, I will take that out when it gets bigger, but prior to that, I'd make the CC work in most conditions and would have a blast doing so.

          - FIJ


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            Thanks Josh,

            I just ordered a DHD Double Shot as my go to grovel/mush up to 5ft board. I will take it as far as I can, but I don't think I'll surf anything over 4ft if it's hollow.

            Now I'm thinking of ordering the CC as my go to board for whenever it get's hollower.

            I have a few specific questions, I'll just open another post, other people will likely have similar questions.