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  • CC size for slightly bigger/hollower waves

    Hey everyone,

    Initially I was looking into the Chubby Chedda as my small - medium wave board... would probably get a 5'11''. However I decided to get a board that would handle mushy and smaller waves better than the CC, so I ordered a 5'10'' DHD Double Shot instead.

    Now that I got my small/mush wave board, I want to get a chest to overhead/punchier wave board.

    I'm really into the Chubby Chedda, however I always thought of it as a small wave board, so I'm not sure how it would behave in bigger conditions.

    Can anyone confirm if the Chubby Chedda will deliver in these conditions? Should I order it 6'2'' or 6'3'' to handle bigger surf? How about taking off in hollower surf, does it struggle because of the wide nose?

    My level is intermediate, probably closer to beginner than advanced. Can anyone please jump in and share some thoughts? Not sure if the CC is mant to be ridden as big as 6'3'' for a 5'9'' tall guy like myself. But I want to be able to paddle into an overhead wave with some punch and still feel comfortable.


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    Surfing anything over about a foot overhead with the CC will be pushing it. The design of the board is optimized for 3-5ft. (with the ability to tackle overhead surf when push comes to shove), but since you now have a board to fulfill that range, I would suggest looking at a different board for heavy, hollow, large surf. If you like the shape of the CC, but want something for the bigger days, then I'd suggest looking at something like the Hellrazor. With the HZ, you'd get that same squash tail and standard shortboard feel as the CC, but the overall more thinned out profile of the HZ would work better in the conditions you're talking about above.

    On the other hand, it's hard for me to recommend to you an advanced board like the HZ if you say you are closer to a beginner. The conditions you mention above (big/ hollow surf) work better with the HZ than the CC, but your level of surfing doesn't correlate to a HZ. I guess I'm just a bit confused on how to guide you here...

    A 602 or 603 is too big for how the CC is supposed to fit you as a 5'9" guy. You'd want something more like a 506 or 507. I know you're trying to add more length to be able to handle bigger surf, but doing that with the CC defeats the purpose of the CC and you'd just end up with a very bulky board. That's my opinion, but others on this forum may have other views.

    - FIJ
    Last edited by Josh BL; 03-11-2014, 05:04 PM.


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      You're spot on Josh.

      I like the HZ, but the thing about the surfshop is that they work with LSD and DHD (along with Rusty, Tropical Brazil and Hawaiian Soul (national) ). So although they have the CC because it's a LSD design, they don't have the other firewire boards :(. But I can't complain because I think DHD is sick...

      Maybe I was to humble about my surf. I'm not close to a beginner... I think I'm a intermediate surfer. I don't have the tricks dialed, but I'm a surfer, I'm no stranger to the ocean, currents, my boards, positioning, I can take off on a wave and go for it... I surf it how I know it, I just don't think I got the tricks dialed yet, and honestly I think that during all my surfing life I never had the adequate equipment, and that should change for the first time now. I expect to evolve rather rapidly once I get good paddling boards with a looser feel. As far as the board on my feet, I learned with old school HPSB that would sink to the sand... which means I didn't learn shit. But at least I don't think I will have problems with a higher performance board... I just really need that little edge when it comes to paddling, because unfortunately I only surf in the weekends (it needs to coincide with waves), and that reflects on my paddling... even though I swim, fight, ride a bike... the paddle muscles are the paddle muscles, you either spend more time in the water or you will struggle a bit.

      So all in all, that's my surfing level. It's hard to explain that I'm not an advanced surfer if I say I had my first surfboard when I was 14 (and now I'm 32).


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        Brukuns Josh's advice is very sound.

        My CC is a little overvolumed but i dont have a real grovellor other than this massive ugly mal we have but i only ride that when its seriously small (knee to waist).

        Anyway my weight is anywhere between 67-72kg and i have the 509 CC when the waves are better or bigger i kinda wish it was a few inches smaller maybe 506 or 507 but as i ride it in wasit high quite often its nice to have a bit of extra float and i find it grovels very well especially if you actvely use the shape to generate speed (pump the refined whippy tail and get moving donw the line then start going top to bottom).

        Also depends on fins very much, josh turned me on to the machados and i havent looked back its a match made in heaven!

        I happily ride my 509 CC in overhead waves. I spend a lot of time looking at new boards but then when the decent surf comes i usually find myself paddling out with the trusty old chubby and getting some waves and forget about board shopping!!

        To me the double shot looks like a quite performance orientated hybrid/grovellor. I think you should surf it a few times and work out its wave range, i reckon itl be very simialir to what i ride my CC in...

        As an example either side of my CC i would be looking to get a 501 BP hopefully meaning i wont have to ride that monster mal very much anymore and then something for days that are either very big or when the waves get very good or very hollow (or all of those things at once)... id be eyeing up HZ, vanguard, alternator etc... Then see how that all fits and maybe ddownsize the CC a few inches or try something new but similar with a little less volume...

        But for now i love my CC and it has progressed my surfing heaps and i love that i can ride it in fairly small surf and still get good waves in cruddier conditions... As part of a quiver idve gone smaller especially now that im more experienced and better all round paddler surfer but as a one board wonder its nice to have a bit more chunk....

        Hope this helps and good luck with the new board(s)!!!


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          Thanks Nelson! I totally agree with you. But I don't want to overlap the boards too much. I plan to improve with the easy paddler Double Shot, and once I grow into it I may look into the CC again. But for the time being it should be something similar to the HZ... I'm pretty inclined to get the Puzzle Piece, but since it will be at least another month (probably more) before I order it, there's still time for me to change my mind. Check these pics of the Puzzle Piece, it looks awesome, and I felt a 6'2'', the board really talked to me.