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  • 5'8 LSD Chubby Cheddar Purchase

    After looking at every epoxy board on the market, I've finally come back to Firewire again. I do still have a 5'4 Ozzie Wright SC which is the most reliable board I've ever owned, yet it feels a bit twitchy in chest-high and above. Firewire choice to fill that gap was between the 5'8 Chubby and the 5'8 Scorcher, laid side by side i went for the Chubby. Really nice shape and although similar to the Sub, it just came out shining as the right board. Same price so nothing to do with that, but the LSD had a little less volume in the tail so should push a cracking turn. Nose rocker was a little less than the Sub yet the chubby had a bit more width in the tail. Tail rocker on both is about the same. Don't think the LSD's are on the comparison portal so would be interesting to see in detail how close they actually are.

    Saw a lot on here about sizing etc for the LSD Chubby, and to me it seems a lot of people have gone for a bit extra volume in order to use the board to it's fullness.(Small and big days). I'm 5'9 and about 155 lb (10.5 stone). I sized the 5'8 up to suit my normal volume which is about 27 for a good, or bigger day board. The 26.8 litres of float this has 'hopefully' should be perfect, likely it will still go in the smaller stuff too.

    Anyway; once i get out in a semi decent day i will update. It does have that magic under-the-arm gut instinct though!

    Peace x
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    I'm sure you won't be disappointed. The CC is a sick board. Let us know how it goes for you


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      Anything from 3-6ft.+, you'll be stoked to be on a CC. Yew!


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        Well what can i say...Surfed 3 times yesterday, first two surfs were mid to high tide and about waist to chest-high so just used my 5'4 Ozzie. Took the chubby out on the 3rd surf when the low-tide was on the push (chest-head high) and the board just went like a dream on the first wave. Didn't feel weird or anything and actually felt better than any board i've ridden the past couple of years. The float is perfect and still paddles well. Obviously you can't catch waves quite as early as a stubby, wide groveller, yet it actually felt nice to be able to take off a bit later and still be in full control down the line.

        It wasn't ideal testing grounds yesterday as waves were a tad cross onshore, but it just felt great so i'm glad i went for the 5'8 and not the 5'9. Holds in the wave really nice whereas my groveller would become a bit skatey. Just can't wait to get it out in some cleaner stuff now.

        Anyone in doubt and that want's a step up from a Dominator, Spitfire or similar, i would just get one of these and go a litre in volume less.


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          Im looking at a chubby as a addition to my Hellrazor 511. Not quite sure aboute the size, 59 or 58. Im around 70kg (155lb) and 1.80 (510). Any suggestions please....


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            hey rock surfer,
            If the volume of your 511 works, then I would stay pretty close to that. At your weight however, you certainly could ride the 508 but it is a function of both ability and experience. At the volume that the 511 hellrazor has, if you aren't feeling limited, that I would stick right in that ballpark but if you want to push things a little bit don't be afraid to take a small step down.

            Cheers and hope this helps


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              Hi Chris, ability is intermediate/advanced, surfing reefs and point breaks on the canarian islands. The Pyzalien 59 looks pretty interesting too.....What do you think is a better addition to the Hellrazor? I have a 59 Hynson twinzer for small and weak waves.....


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                Originally posted by rocksurfer View Post
                Hi Chris, ability is intermediate/advanced, surfing reefs and point breaks on the canarian islands. The Pyzalien 59 looks pretty interesting too.....What do you think is a better addition to the Hellrazor? I have a 59 Hynson twinzer for small and weak waves.....

                Hey rocksurfer, I would say go the 5'8, i doubt you will use the hellrazor much afterwards though as you'd get so much more out of the CC. I had a 5'11 HZ, yet only used it once as unless i could see myself riding big clean waves all the time or travelling a lot to Bali or somewhere (which i don't), it wasn't really much use. Also felt too big and floaty for me so if you're finding the volume okay for that, then maybe go the 5'9 CC.


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                  Good stuff Baker.

                  Rocksurfer, it's kind of a hard call as the two boards in question are fairly similar. The Pyzalien compared to the Chubby Chedda, in my opinion, is slightly hard to distinguish. The biggest thing for me was the Pyzalien seem to feel like it had more tail rocker. So I was able to get that board to pivot very easily but found it might not be quite as fast on the low end of the wave spectrum. Given that I have had limited time with the Pyzalien, I think it would be safe to say the Chubby Chedda might address the smaller end of the performance hybrid wave scale with the Pyzalien weighing in just above it. Knowing that, I would get after the board that suits your needs better. both are great boards and I think both address an area just beneath the waves range of the Hellrazor. another way to look at it might be to call the Chubby Chedda a slightly better choice for front footed surfers while the Pyzalien might be more preferable for those with a more back footed approach.


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                    ^ Chris makes a good point. I've found that I've been truly able to grovel with a CC. The board really gets going quickly even in small surf. I haven't ridden a Pyzalien yet, but based on his feedback and the dims of the Pyzalien, it makes sense that the CC would be a bit better on the lower end of the wave spectrum (though both boards fit into similar wave range categories).