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  • 509 CC what next?

    Its sad in life that all good things must come to an end.

    My 509 CC and I have seen some great times but iv just grown as a person and a surfer and shes starting to look a little too fat and rough round the edges for me. Weve learnt so much from eachother over the last year or so but people change and im ready for the next step.

    My question to you is do i replace her with something very similar but a little younger, sprightlier and more petite (CC, Pyzalien, Subscorcher etc etc but a few inches/litres less) or go for something a little more top end performancy or something totally different?!

    Loving my 501 baked spud in anything up to about 3ft and really looking forward to dialing the fins in. So what fits in nicely with a little overlap? Something for 2-3ft and beyond for more critical surfing and barrel riding... I love my CC its just a little overvolumed so i am leaning towards something in the stubby shortboard vein... I had a look at a pu slab and im really excited for this one in FST but might be just too long of a wait!

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    Subdriver it's a step up in performance but still has forgiveness. Or if you want to stay with FW go the MB I think it could go in a large range of surf as long as there is some power and shape.


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      Or a CBT Alt could be the real deal. The alt is a really nice easy board to get on with. nev shaped a gem there. I don't understand why FW only have it as a special order. There need to have a staple of standard shapes and then all the funky ones
      Originally posted by pmorgan View Post
      Subdriver it's a step up in performance but still has forgiveness. Or if you want to stay with FW go the MB I think it could go in a large range of surf as long as there is some power and shape.


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        Sub Driver looks like a sweet little board! I am really keen to stay with FST as i just love it but my CC is starting to feel like a boat is all (its the 509 27.5L and im only about 68kg these days plus my surfing has improved leaps and bounds living on the gold coast the last 2 years and mostly working from home ;p)...

        I really like the look of the SLAB which i guess is similar to the sub driver?

        Im drawn to clean shapes, i find step down rails and stuff a bit off putting i dont get them for looks, durability or how well they work... A nice rounded square/squash tail and a clean outline and rocker for me please!!!

        I think i want something in the vein of classic shortboard with a little more stubbiness as im only 5'8 and quite a stocky powerful build... I love my CC so i duno whether to just downsize or go a touch more performancy...

        Also tempted by the mini driver but not sure about the rounded pin tail for the not clean barrelling days...

        Maybe an alt would be a good route to go down! 508?

        Decisons decisions!!!

        Just about to compare the pyzaliena nd the CC on the website... hopefully its in the board compare!!!


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          Its not on board compare but just from looking looks like it caters to more low end even than the CC... Wider, more volumous per length... flatter.... etc


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            Yea I feel The FW range is missing the inbewteen boards like the other companies. A simple quiver of a standard short board not too chippy a step down and a shorter dumster style like the cc and SS. A cbt alt is the only way you can achieve this, but you can't adust rocker and foil which makes the main differences between the quiver I discribed. I just went back to custom pu. I am 5,7 70 kgs. Saying that I do love my mini driver. But prefer the subdriver in walled up waves.


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              Hmmmm maybe a 506 SS, 507 CC or 508 MD is the way to go...


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                Im leaning towards 508 MD i think it will be good for me to try a different tail shape for a bit and i tihnk this board will go great in GC and Northern NSW waves... Iv also been after more reliability in hollow surf which im sure the MD would provide. When its under 3ft i have my BP... Thinking i will buy the MB2 5 fin set (when its bigger) and rastovich quad... with machados that should cover most conditions for my two boards...


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                  I would say you are on the right track. The 508 mini will be a big advance over the CC, it's a really nice fluid board, for carving top to bottom it can't be beat. It's easy to get on with which is why I still have mine.


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                    The more i tihnk about it the more 508 MD sounds like the right choice... Should take over nicely where my BP starts to get sketchy (in bigger surf or when its steeper/hollower), provide a different ride which i hope will be good for me (even if it doesnt suit i should learn a lot), cover a wide range of conditions, allow for some entertaining fin experimentation and has nice clean curves! Thats just about all my boxes ticked!!! Also i think the volume a length will be spot on, as long as i am tall and 25.3L for my 68kg... Also i love FST. Now i just have to find a good deal!!!


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                      Just been watching mason ho destroying waves of all types on 506 and 509 MDs, bearing in mind hes a surfing freak hes pretty much identical dimensions to me so im guessing the 508 will be a great fit for a variety of conditions under my far less talented feet!


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                        Im hoping phil will chime in too with more reassurance!


                        • Baker
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                          Nelson, I think you should have gone 5'8 CC in the first place, you were riding a lot of volume in the 5'9 for a guy of your size.
                          I looked at a 508 MD but that thing is quite foiled out and unless it's head high and above, i didn't think i would get much use out of it.

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                        Baker you're totally right.

                        What happened is I went from occasionally surfing in the uk and one morocco trip to living on the Gold Coast surfing much better waves far more frequently! When I rise got here I went through a few second hand boards and the got the 509 CC a little over a year ago. I think it was a good volume at the time but since I have got lighter and my surfing has improved tons. As you can imagine the CC steadily felt more suites to small waves and sketchier in bigger better surf I was heading out in.

                        It's a GREAT board and has contributed to my surfing far more than any other but I think now I would want a 507. I have my 501 BP for 1-3ft (thigh to head high), which I love! I want the new board to overlap a little but be for bigger or better waves. With the waves we get here I'm fairly confident that some of the 2fters (chest-shoulder high) as long as they're clean and hollow/powerful could push me on 25L of well shaped board...

                        Like with my BP, which I doubt would go in 1ft slop but if it's a pushy 1ft mini barrel zipping along the sandbank then let's go surfing. Conversely if it's 3ft but a bit slack then the BP is gonna go good but if it's 3ft churning pits then maye not although I think I will be trying at some point after my recent surprisingly successful experiences taking late drops on this little chunk of fun (the speed is very reassuring!).

                        Iv never built a quiver before so I'm trying to work out how hybridy/short boardy it want I I with my next board up and the ones iv felt up in shops are the Stuart bender MG (similar idea to the MD, the MD and the pyzel slab. All look like great boards with a bit more refinement and performance than the CC whih I think will be good for me...
                        Last edited by Nelson GoldCoast; 07-07-2014, 07:45 AM.


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                          Surfing good waves is a great problem to have. I will say I was pleasantly surprised with the performance capabilities of the Pyzalien. I have a feeling that for me this board will cut into conditions that I ride a short board in more so than I expected while still addressing the smaller days. Super excited to spend more time on this board, but I think if you're looking for a versatile daily driver, the Pyzalien to be damn close. look for the slab to be a little bit more of a good wave short board may be less suitable for those 2 to 3 foot days that you have referenced.



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                            That seems to be how most people feel about their chubby cheddas too... From a quick comparison of dimensions and volumes it makes sense that you think the pyzalien is slightly more performance orientated... They are both VERY similar designs from what i can tell... Hmmmmmmmmmmmm.... maybe a little rethink is required and i ought to get a stubby performance hybrid and then look at a more refined shape for bigger better waves... Thanks for the input Chris!