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Re-animation: the Dominator journey

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    I just thought I'd update this after possibly my first NE short period swell of summer. 2-3 foot (up to a bit over head high). With vaguely defined banks. You might start with a left but after hitting the inside section end up going right.

    On bigger late takeoffs its true the board was a tad unmanageable for an instant. But otherwise this board is the quintessential summer small wave board. Bank off this, carve that, hit the lip, bam schmam whammo...this board is a regular short period swell beach break pogo stick.

    Just saying...


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      Buzzy, you're always sayin' ... :-) I think the dom is a great summer wave board. I'm not certain but it seems to do better floaters than the spit, maybe it's that thicker tail, maybe just the waves I rode it in. Probably take mine to Taiwan when we go to live there for a couple of years to supplement my hellfire and have 2 board quiver.


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        Did I mention I've settled on K3's in the Dom in a thruster set up? I might try a quad trailer (QPX) for really small days but I haven't done so yet. I have a south coast trip planned in the next month or two so if the surf is small that's the time I'll try something different.