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First Firewire and first shortboard, another size query!

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    For sure. Worst year ever so far.


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      the winds have not been friendly huh? That is what Mark was saying...


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        Yeah constant onshores, very few actual groundswells so pretty much every time it's actually been offshore its been tiny or flat.
        Because of the constant onshores a lot of sand has blown up the beaches so banks have been shitty too.


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          Ye useless year, bring on more travelling!

          Had a bit more success at Porthmeor today on the 600. Got to my feet on a few waves, messed up a few as well though. I'm putting this partly down to lack of fitness (surfed 6 times since April, thought I was fitter than I actually am!) and partly being on a board 8" shorter than I'm used to. With my lack of fitness I was surprised how well the board paddled, really impressed with that.

          So I can paddle it and get into waves, but it felt super twitchy when I was up on my feet. Pretty sure I would get used to that fairly quickly with some good waves.

          I'm still pretty torn between a 600 and 602 though, and still think that maybe a Dominator would be better for me. Maybe slightly less responsive to make a for a better transition from a big board?