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  • Single Fin CBD Dominator

    Is it possible to build an FST Dominator in the CBD with a single-fin box instead of the 5 fin setup?

    If so, I wouldn't mind a little advice on designing it. FYI I am 5'10", 170 lbs.

    1. My first idea is a Dominator, 5'10" x 20.75" x 2.5", keeping the nose stock and pulling in the tail 0.5". What do you all think of these numbers?
    2. Would the El Fuego or Spitfire be a better template to surf as a single fin?

    Interested in hearing what anyone thinks, Thanks!!

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    I don't think you'll be able to get the single fin box put it through the CBD but someone else could put one in for you I reckon.

    Although even with the reduced tail width it could still be a little wide, I don't have much experience with single fins.


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      yeah the best thing to do would be to order the board with futures and then pull it out and have a local board builder install it.

      I have to say, however, that doing this might not be the best thing as we reinforce all of our finboxes and install them in a very precise way. If you have it installed by someone, they'll have to be sure that they install a high density foam block then rout the groove for the plug out of that. In my opinion, you'll risk damaging the board. Only do it if you have someone highly competent at board building doing the install...



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        Looks like quite a procedure!!!


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          I had joe roper in San Diego put a single fin in my 5'10 Dom and it is really fun! He put the single fin box straight through the center of the fcs fusion plug and he said that would give it added strength. He charged me like 65 bucks for it.