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Looking to buy a new Dom, what size?

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    Ah cool, I didnt know about Frost selling Firewires. I sent them an email now too see if they have any Dominators in stock, but I really don't think they can beat the price from secretspot. Super-friendly guys over at secretspot btw, so will probably buy it from them. Well since you're from Norway, how would you say the Firewires are doing in these waters? I've only surfed Stadlandet 6-7 times, but will most likely have either Jśren or Saltstein as homebreak next year as I'm moving from Trondheim.


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      I think they go for about 5500,- NOK in Norway. Not sure if you can get it any cheaper from the UK, but you might get your boards faster if they're not in stock in Norway.

      I've had a few Firewire boards now, and all I can say is; I love how they surf and that they last for a lot longer than a standard PU board. But be prepared, once you get one; you want more ;)

      these are the boards that I've had over the last 4 years or so:
      6'4 Lost Stealth - 38.5L
      6'0 Dominator - 34.5L
      5'10 Dominator - 33.5L

      5'4 Sweet Potato - 35.7L
      5'8 Spitfire - 31L
      6'2 Alternator - 31.3L

      As you can see I've worked my way down in both length and volume over the years, and I would recommend the same thing for you. There's nothing worse than having a board that is too small and end up getting no waves at all.


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        Originally posted by eivsemb View Post
        Thanks for all the replys guys. I'm actually gonna go with the 6'2", despite most of you say the 6'0". The volume calculator at FW also suggests minimum 46L for beg/intermediate and 35L for intermediate for me. I'm better off with 50 waves instead of 20, even though sacrificing a little bit of that loose feeling. If I do actually feel that it's too much volume I can sell it for almost retail price back in Norway (have to import it from UK though, FW is not sold in Norway), so then I just swap for the 6'0". But again, I am pretty sure I will be totally fine with the 6'2". Gonna bring the new board to Morocco in January for 10 days so I will put it to test then :D Thanks again, at least it helped me down size from 6'4" :)
        If it's not too late, I will join those recommending the 600 over the 602. I've told my own FW story on this forum a lot. I (unwisely) bought a 606 Dom based on my age, perceived ability, shop recommendation and FW volume calculator. WRONG SIZE!!! Waaay too buoyant. I am an intermediate surfer, 6'4" tall 210lbs and I surf mainly mushy SoCal waves in the knee to head-high range. I figured the extra volume couldn't hurt - WRONG. While that might be a negligible difference in a PU board, it was night and day for a FW. The 606 was corky and skipped over the surface. It was actually hard to get it to drop into mushy waves as it wanted to just stay on top. I could not get a rail in (surfed as a quad with Stretch Large fins). It felt like surfing a big bodyboard. I traded for the 604 and couldn't believe the difference. Perfect. Floats well, catches waves incredibly easily AND performs on rail. It's still a bit skatey compared to narrower boards, but it's a fun, manageable kind of skatey that could be calmed by running it as a thruster. Best of luck and enjoy your purchases. Post up when you've had some time on your new board(s).


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          It's actually not too late. the board will be shipped out on Tuesday, so I guess I can talk to them and change the size if I want. But heck, I was pretty sure I was getting the right size and now you got me confused again :p I would love to try one out before I decide, but that is just not possible..


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            I picked up a 6'0" Spitfire on friday. I'm 24, 76kg and a low intermediate surfer like yourself, been surfing about 3 years but can get to the beach quite often. I used to surf a 6'8" 7S superfish (43L). I've taken the spitfire out twice so far and it's plenty of volume for me as far as float go's, could have gone with the 5'10". It's definitely harder getting into waves but I'm very unfit at the moment so that is not helping at all. It's going to take a bit of getting used to riding a short board but don't think it's going to be that bad and can see myself wishing I went for the 5'10" in a few months. I also bought this board for a surf trip after christmas with Morocco being the first stop, going to get a 6'2" Hellfire though for the better days. The 6'0" will be enough float for you and if you have a good level of fitness it shouldn't be too much trouble getting into waves, especially after a month or 2 of riding the board.


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              hey Iggy
              my weight is kind of like you 81 kgs, and in winter i use just 4:3 wet-suit with 3 mm for booties... Do you think the 5.8 x 20 x 2 3/8 would be fine for me???


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                hey maika, it would be plenty!! that is the perfect size.