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    Hi guys looking for some banter in relation to the new Unibrow which has caught my attention. I love the round tail shapes ever since jumping on the Dom. I'd always ridden pretty much squashes or swallows until i got the Dom and love how smooth it is through turns. I think the Dom is an all time board and use it as my small wave board. I have an Alt (round tail again) for better surf however the Unibrow has now caught my attention. Im considering swapping my Dom for it however this is a tough decision because i've had such good surfs on the Dom. I find it so forgiving in the summer mush and can really throw it around. I have been caught out on a few occasions when i'm on the Dom and the waves improved or i took it out when i should be on the Alt and leaves me thinking the UB would be more high perfermance for those occasions albeit infrequent. On the other hand if the UB doesnt grovel well i would not be interested as i need it primarily as my small wave junky summer board. As there is only 0.8L difference in volume between my F508 Dom and the F510 UB this makes me think the Unibrow might just offer that little bit more performance but without actually sacrificing the grovel aspect. It seems to have the same volume over a 2 more inches with a more refined nose and tail. I'm thinking its still gonna grovel well. Does anyone have any experience on the UB and if so how well does it do in the summer junk? I live in South Wales and surf beachies and reefs on the Gower.

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    I have a Dom and a Unibrow. I'm only around 4 or 5 surfs into the UB so I haven't really sorted it out completely but I reckon I can offer some observations. I'm 90kg and have a 6'4" in both a Dom and Unibrow.

    The Dom's range for me is knee to head high. It can surf above that, but other boards will do it better I reckon today's Rincon waves at Bells, albeit just a tad smaller, represent virtually ideal Dom territory. Waves with some power but not throwing out, a pocket to surf to and a crumbly lip to work off from time to time. The obvious downside is as waves get more push the thick tail stops being a help and becomes a hindrance.

    How about the UB? It does turn off the top a lot like the Dom. Power, but a smooth power. Parko'esque I (feverishly) imagine. It definitely grovels. In Australian speak if its 2 foot plus, say waist high and up, the UB is a better pick. It gets into waves fine and surfs them better. But below waist high the Dom is better, no doubt.

    You may wish to bear in mind my UB is 4 litres smaller and half an inch narrower than my Dom.

    If I had a UB at the same volume as my Dom (ie 2 inches longer than the Dom) I imagine it would do all the same things as the Dom with more precision. So it would definitely fit your criteria.

    I'll go for a surf tomorrow and the 2 boards in the car will be the Dom and UB. The Dom will be used if its small (waist and below), weak and mushy. The UB would be used in any other small to medium conditions.


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      Cheers buzzy there's some useful stuff there. I rarely go unles it's waist or above so based in what you said it could be the ticket. Managed to find some other threads about the unibrow but there doesn't seem to be much info on it at the mo.
      how's the volume distributed on it. Cos 2.5 is still pretty thick. I read somewhere its got a domed deck with the majority of the volume in the centre tapering out to nice thin rails. Is that the case?


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        Yeah, the main part of the volume is definitely in that centre line. The rails aren't refined like a Flexfire, but they're certainly more refined than a Dom. It also has more rocker than a Dom.

        If you're looking only to use tge board waist high and up there's no doubt in my mind the UB would substitute perfectly. If you're surfing it in the same volume it would paddle near enough the same and surf better. The only downside may be for waves where you want the board to generate drive through the flat rocker on the Dom. You may need to work the UB a little more in those conditions.

        If I was starting a quiver from scratch and could only have 2 boards I'd probably pick the UB over the Dom for my small/medium wave board. I do prefer it, but that's not to say tge Dom isn't a fantastic board. Luckily I don't need to choose, and can have both.


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          Think i might order one, see how it grovels. If it goes well ill maybe sell the Dom. If not i might have to keep them all!!!


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            Good work.

            After my surf yesterday I'm really think the UB is simply a step down shortboard with a round tail. That's how I'd describe it.


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              buzz you think i could use it as a step up? like from the dom when the waves get better/slightly larger?


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                If you're after a step up I think the Mini Driver is a better option.


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                  Originally posted by luismx View Post
                  buzz you think i could use it as a step up? like from the dom when the waves get better/slightly larger?
                  That's exactly what I use it for. The big qualification though is its still got quite a lot of foam in it so as the wave size and power increases its no longer the best choice. I'm still feeling out those limits. It's certainly gone fine at head high to 1.5x overhead but one 1.5x to 2x overhead day I felt I started to finds its limits. I'm a bit wary of being emphatic though as (a) I've been surfing with a stomach bug the past couple of weeks which means my energy levels are down and I've not been surfing great, and (b) I really feel like I'm still discovering the board.

                  As a general observation though, yes, the UB is a perfect step up from a Dom but if you want to surf 2x overhead+ it would need to be part of a 3 board quiver.


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                    the Doms good till 1x-1.5x over head?


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                      You can definitely surf the Dom up to 1.5x overhead, but at that size you really can't push your turns as much as the thick wide tail just gets in the way. I find at that size range the fins pop out if I push my turns.

                      For me the Dom is for conditions where I need the board to help generate speed, as the wave itself doesn't have so much.


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                        Originally posted by luismx View Post
                        the Doms good till 1x-1.5x over head?
                        if you want to cruise then yeah it'd be ok.. if you want to turn the tail is too fat.. even on the drops the tail will spin out if you don't nurse it.. i'd vote no


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                          I used to live in Swansea so know the gower and I too have a Dom and an alt but I just bought a UB yesterday. So hoping I might be of use. I've posted a ride report about me experiences on the UB on another thread:


                          I think buzzy hit the nail on the head when he said if you want the UB to replace your Dom go in the same volume as your dom but if you want it as a step up go for the same length or maybe 1" bigger than your Dom.

                          I would also think it was all about the waves you surf on gower.
                          For example I would definately still take out my Dom over the UB at head high Rhosilli, genith or broughton but I'd rather be on the UB at waist high at Langland 3peaks or the reefs.

                          I think there is a place for both in your quiver if you surf all the waves on gower. However, if you just surf the better breaks when they are working I would think the UB would easily cover your brief from waist high.

                          I have slightly oversized on the UB from what I might have otherwise gone for because I want to push my surfing more in the shoulder to head high range. I want the UB to be my board of choice if the waves have a good shape, even if they are small. i found I was getting too comfortable surfing the Dom in decent 2-3ft days in conditions I would have ridden my 63, 18 3/4 short board 4 years ago.

                          Hope that's of use.


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                            RobinL hi yeah i only go to the better spots and dont tend to go (unless desperate) under waist high so hopefully it will fit good. I had it delievered yesterday and feeling it up underarm it feels good. I got a F508 Dom and the F510 UB. In comparison i definately think the UB its pretty much the same as the Dom but a more refined version. It carries alot of foam up the top half and thins out nicely to the tail. The tail is still pretty wide like the Dom maybe just a fraction narrower but it is nice and thin so should get some bite on the more powerful or bigger days. It looks exactly what i was looking for i.e a more peformance orientated Dom. It still packs some foam and i reckon it'll def grovel so looks like i will regather some cash and kiss goodbye to the Dom as there is too much of a crossover. I anticipate based only on holding only that it will have less of a bottom range than the Dom but def the capability for bigger days. Looks like a nice allrounder to go with my Alt but will have to wait for sure until i ride it. The forecast predictably looks rubbish so might have to wait a while......


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                              mrees.. good stuff i'm thinking the same way.. i sold my dom a couple months ago.. whats your height weight skill?