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Love my Dominator but want something a little more stable in bigger, hollower surf

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    sorry SoCalGary. there is one now.


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      Hi csarqui,

      Can always thin out a Dom using CBD. If you subtract the max dims at nose, widepoint, and tail, it does look sleeker! Give it a try. Of course, can play with thickness and length to hit desired volume.



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        added image

        the narrowed Dom shown through the stock Dom using the Compare Mode in the CBD 3D PDF



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          I second that. The CBD produces magic boards!


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            I would say UB or the MD, Both very similar looking but the MD has a more pulled in tail. It might have the edge performance wise when it gets bigger. I have a MD and find is a great all rounder. I canít comment on the UB as only see one in the shop. But they are nice looking.
            The new Pile driver looks a nice rig, too but you could be waiting a while for that one to come out.


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              now im looking at the chubby chedda v. the unibrow. Im 6'1 185 intermediate. As i wrote, love my 6'4 Dom but want something more high performance. thanks


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                Originally posted by csarqui View Post
                This is what everybody has been looking for ever since they came out with the Dominator. I really wish they would just take the Dom and stretch it out thinner without getting anymore creative with the shape.
                This is exactly my problem, I am a great dominator fan with a 6'8" and a 6'2" but am finding on one particular wave which is bigger and more powerful but most importantly has chop and a few little steps, its just a bit unstable, from a 6'2" where do I go, I don't want to loose the paddle and drive, why paddle harder, I have considered the lost F1???? any thoughts?