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FCS fins for my Dom 6'2" and in general for hybrid/shortboard models

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  • FCS fins for my Dom 6'2" and in general for hybrid/shortboard models

    I got my new Dom 6'2" with the SF4 quad fins last year and I really love the board (only used it for one trip to Morocco in January though..)!

    As I will be travelling this summer and surf (hopefully) a lot of different breaks and types of waves, I'm looking to buy a new set of fins that I can use on the boards I rent and on my Dominator when I'll be surfing on that board later.

    So, I've been looking at a lot of different FCS fins but find it hard to decide which one is the right for me.. I do not have very much expericene with different boards and fins, so it is maybe a bit difficult for me to describe what I'm looking for, but I'll try:

    I'm 84 kg (185 lbs), 25 year old and beginner-intermediate surfer. I can go down the line and do bottom turns, but really no critical manouvers. I will be surfing my Dominator back in Norway from small to maximum overhead size. I will also go on surf trips to Morocco and Portugal every now and then, and this summer I will go to Indonesia where I will most likely rent or buy a board as similar to the dominator as possible (size, volume, wave catching abilities). I want the fins to produce a lot of speed so I can make sections easier. I also like the "loose" feeling of my Dom (with SF4 quad) compared to my old M7's thruster. So in general I want a fin setup that can be used in a lot of conditions and for hybrids and shortboards. I will need it to be a thruster setup (or a 5 fin tri-quad setup).

    So far I've been looking at these sets:
    - FCS G-AM (PC or glass flex) thruster
    - FCS GMB (thruster or 5-fin)
    - FCS SF4 PC (5 fin tri/quad)

    The SF4 PC (in yellow) 5 fin setup is very appealing since it can be used as both a thruster and quad, they look very good and I also like the old ones in glass flex on my Dom (even though I have very little to compare with). I can also pick them up for $119 which I think is a good deal.

    Any suggestions or comments? Thanks!