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    i use my 6'0 Dominator as a everyday Board. I have also an 5'6 Sweet Potato and a 6'2 Rusty Piranha Quad. I surf around 3 - 4 Months a Year when i stay in France (North of Hoosegor), or when i travel. I looking for a Travel Board wich is good in quality french surf from 4 to 8 foot and good as a Travel Board as well. My favourite Waves are Los Lobos (Fuerteventura), Balangan (Bali), Shipwreck Bay (NZ), Rodiles (Spain) I even like to surf Mundaka this year and want to go to Bali again and try to surf Desert Point. So i need a bit advice... Hellfire, Alternator are in my mind... Unibro, Mini Driver? I like a bit of support under my chest when i'm paddling...

    35 years, 11 years surfing, 1,88 m tall and around 86 kg.

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    Mini driver would be my pick for fun sized mundaka, balangan and deserts. It would go good at lobos and French beach breaks too. Not familiar with the other waves though.


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      I think Alternator, but I haven't surfed a MD. definitely if I could have only one board it would be the Q5, which is much like an Alternator.


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        i'd say Alternator if the waves are hollow and fast.



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          maybe it's important here to say that i'd like the feeling of the sweet potato. i think it depends on the deep double concave. should i consider this when thinking of my next board? this is one of the reasons that brings the hellfire in my mind.


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            Sorry, I don't surf a Sweet Potato. The Hellfire might be worth looking at. It has the deep concave/spine of the SP. I personally think though an Alt is the ideal all rounder shortboard - I don't think you need too much fancy ju ju when waves get better. The MD would be a solid pick too.


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              HF is great for bigger steeper waves, (chest high or better) but not so hot in small small stuff.
              The Activator and Unibrow are roughly based on the Dominator (from what I have read - have not surfed either), so that means plenty of waves in either good or mild conditions.
              Don't know much about the MD.


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                thanks to everyone for all the answers. @Tescot: How big would you go with the Hellfire?

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              I would stick with your current comfort range with volume, 35-39, so maybe the 604 HF...