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  • Another Dominator size post

    Hi Guys, I am looking for help in choosing the right size board. I consider myself a beginner and am trying to transition to a shortboard. I'm leaning towards a Dominator but would love any other suggestions. I'm riding a soft top currently. I live and surf in San Diego, I'm 5'11" 183lbs. I will likely be in the 175lb range within a month or so. I've demod two firewires. A 606 Addvance and a 606 Dominator FST. Both felt good but I had more fun on the dominator. I could popup, ride, follow a line and do some little turns. I only demo'd it for one day. The more I've read, the more I see people suggesting smaller boards. The volume calculator puts me on a 606 Dom. It paddled great but I could see how it might potentially be too "floaty" as I progress, if that makes any sense. Thanks a lot for any replies!

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    Based on what you've experienced I'd say how much smaller you go depends on how steep you want your learning curve to be. The smaller you go the harder it's going to be initially but the longer you'll be satisfied in the long run. 6'4" would be safe I reckon. 6'2 could be pretty challenging, 6'0" could be a nightmare for a while and then perfect in 6 months, or it could be too difficult and put you off completely, back to the drawing board. Another option is to find a 6'4 or 6'6 second and surf that for the summer, and then look at buying a new 6'0 or 6'2 when you've got that wired. If you find a good deal you shouldn't lose too much selling on the bigger size after 6 months or so.


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      I wish I ould have demo'd a 6'4" or a 6'2" but the only had the 6'6" for demo. Unfortunately they only have the 6'6" and 6'2" in stock. I could buy from elsewhere but i'd really like to support that shop. I feel like I have gotten to where im at pretty quickly, and am in great shape, but I also want to keep it fun and not get completely blown out of the water(no pun intended)...

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    Thanks Phill, you were spot on. I demo'd the 6'2" and it was just a little too much for me right now. Ended up buying the 6'4" and couldn't be happier.
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      Good stuff! Enjoy her!