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Yet another Dominator size question

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  • Yet another Dominator size question

    Hello Firewire community,
    So I was on the market for a new board and stumbled upon a 6' 10" dominator. At first I was thinking this board would be perfect given the large amount of volume in the board. After reading some of the information on this page I am a little skeptical of purchasing it now. Id like to hear your guy's opinion on the board but let me give you my background info first. This would be my first board stepping down from a 8' longboard, I surf mainly in central california at small (2-5ft) beach breaks. I surf only a handful of times a year and want a board that I can paddle in to waves easily. I am 6' 3" and fluctuate between 195-205, I am a beginner with above average fitness. Any help or input would be much appreciated!

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    I think it would work for you given your preferences. However, I think an Addvance in a similar length would be better.