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  • Double dominator 510

    Hey there, I have two dominators both 510. I snapped one and got another replacing it cause I loved it so much, I then got chatting to my fixer who said he is able to repair my old snapped one. He repaired it though now I have two of the same board. I also have a baked potato though I'm now wondering if I should get rid of one of my dominators to get a smaller one or something similar but a little more performance? I'm 72kg with a steamer, 30 yrs old pretty fit and probably fluctuate between intermediate and a little above (when I surf a bit more). I've seen a lot of ppl recommending the 5'6 and 5'8 for ppl similar to me. I guess I'm asking if ppl think it will be worth getting a smaller version or something slightly more performance. Would the 510 be holding me back at all due to the size or should I just throw some different loose fins in it? I Mostly use my baked pot in surf below 3ft. Any info would be swell. Thanks, pete.

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    I'd def say a 5'8 if not a 5'6 is a better fit. I always found the 5'8 chunky at 77kg. As you've got the baked for small stuff, why not look at a 5'9 or 5'10 Unibrow for better conditions?


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      I'll skip size advice as I'm much heavier than you, but for sure a UB would extend the range of your quiver and still be an easy transition from the Dom. I think getting a UB is a smarter choice than getting a smaller Dom in addition to your existing one. That bring said at your weight I'd have thought a 5'8" Dom would be the go. Clearly you have no major issues with the 5'10" so I wouldn't suggest a more dramatic reduction in size. As a first port of call I'd suggest a UB and possibly moving to a smaller Dom as you replace that board in the natural course of events.


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        Hey guys, thanks for the reply. Yeah, I'll keep my eyes pealed, can't really afford a brand new spanker. I'll work something else out though ;) cheers guys. Pete


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          ok so it looks like I may have a buyer for my 5'10 dominator. I am still a little confused though as to what to replace it with. I mainly use my baked potato, that board is the best thing I've ever done for my surfing. I don't really surf anything over 5ft. After getting back on a 5'10 dominator after surfing my baked, it just feels to stiff, though I did once love it. this is why I thought about getting another In a sizewhich suits me better. On the volume calculator it says 5'6-5'8 is best. I handled a 5'8 in a store yesterday though it felt very similar to the 5'10. They didn't have a 5'6 though the 5'4 felt like a grom board, tiny. what do others suggest? I want it for surf probably 3,4 ft but want it to be "snappy" though not too difficult. I love the ease of the wider boards. I'm 30yrs, 71od kilos, and I think intermediate though would love to improve. Doing snaps off lip, cutbacks. I'm still thinking 5'6 but can't help wonder.