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  • can't decide... Size?


    I'am thinking of buying my first shortboard. I'am a descent beginner in great shape and 30 years young...
    Now I ride a 7'2 funboard...

    I weigh 140 lbs and surf wind driven waves in sweden (of all places...)

    Which size on the dominator should I choose? (the volume calculator recomends a 6'2...)

    Thanks for the help!
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    a 602 is a large dominator for your size... for the waves you're describing i'd be more inclined to look toward either a potatonator or preferably a 606 ADDvance.

    when you say beginner, do you mean learning to stand, or just going straigh on the foam of the wave, or getting up and trimming across a green wave? Or are you able to do turns? a lot of this will impact on the size and type of board you should ride to improve your surfing.


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      Iam getting up and riding across the green wave, doing some (pretty lame) turns...


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        How often are you surfing? Once or twice a weekend, then go for Addvance. More than that, go for the Dominator. More practice time in the water will allow you to improve quicker and maintain a positive learning curve, so if you can't get in the water often, then the times you do go surf will be more frustrating on the Dominator than the Addvance. Basically, the Addvance will give you an easier paddle and stable ride, while the Dominator is a bit more progressive (still easy to paddle and stand up on, but will take more time to master).

        - Firewire Intern Josh