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Dominator with Green rails?

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  • Dominator with Green rails?

    Looking at a Dominator the seller's not being very communicative!

    2 questions:

    Was the Dominator ever available with green rails?

    Was the Dominator ever available with just 3 fins, or was it always 5 fins?


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    Never seen one with 3 fins. I've seen a Taj with army green rails on eBay before. Quite strange.


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      Just seen the one you're talking about. No doubt it's legit, it's just a matter of how old it is.


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        Is it white rapidfire? I've seen them with blue rails.


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          Defo FST I think as it has a valve.

          Did they change the valves at all? Fancy trying a Dom at 6' 6" but would rather get a later tech, this one is from 2009/2010.

          Anyone know what's changed since then?


          • Phill
            Phill commented
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            I reckon it could be even older judging by how much of the rail is on show.
            No worries with the valved board. They are much lighter too. I have an old 6'4 round tail Flexfire and its by far the lightest board I own.

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          I tried to add a pic but this forum being what it is it didn't work, link above.


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            Old school! Haven't seen one of them for ages! I'm with phill, a couple of years older. If there's a shot of the serial number you may be able to get an idea.


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              I can't even get the seller to answer my emails right now let alone get a new pic :)

              Think i'll leave this one, still on the look out for a sweet / baked potato!


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                I've seen a few with coloured rails over the years. I don't know whether they're special orders or they just throw a few out there every now and then. Saw a FlexFire, I think, with red rails at Cronulla Surf Design last year same price as the other FSTs so I guess it was a random.


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                  I just bought an old Dom with dark navy blue rails, with the valve as well, FST, not even the slightest deck depression on it. $400, bargain i reckon.


                  • Jbshack
                    Jbshack commented
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                    What size did you go for?

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                  Jb, i got a 6'6, 45lts and just surfed it and the Evo at Gearys in very cold brown estuary water, i had about an hour on each, riding the Evo 1st, the Evo flys, no doubt, and is smooth turning, has good carry when the wave flattens out, great fun but i dont think it is suited to fat hard to catch waves down here. I swapped to the bigger Dom and straight away paddling felt easier, as you would expect, but it is only about 1lt more in volume. The Dom nose felt very flat, 1st wave, caught the wave easy, and it took off, felt great, really loose feeling in the tail, but when planted the back foot turns the board in nice round arcs. Set up as a thruster with medium size Kinetic fins. A few more waves and the same impression, goes fast, stable and easy to ride but turns are really responsive and quick, i loved it. Totally different to the Tomos but i am rapt i got it, exactly what i wanted, for hard to catch full waves, and on the face turns easily. Im bloody cold now though!


                  • justo
                    justo commented
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                    was fun out this morning. I went to the protected from southerlies "perth secret spot" this morning. Was expecting it to be bigger than it was, but still a bucket load of fun. A DM or SPIT would have been ideal, but I made do with my UNI.

                  • keith
                    keith commented
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                    Yes, very disappointing swell, but we got wet, and as you said, as long as there is some shape it is good fun, the car heater got a good workout on the way home!