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6'2" Owner, trouble turning??

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  • 6'2" Owner, trouble turning??

    I have finally started to get used to my 6'2 dominator but I am now having trouble making tighter turns and pumping compared to my al merrick flyer. My flyer is a 6'8, I exclusively ride my 6'2 dominator now because I feel the flyer is to big. I found that stepping down from my 68 to the 62 was not difficult in terms of paddling and catching the waves, however, I am now having trouble catching speed on the wave and making tighter turns. I find that my flyer was faster,easier pumping and turns better. Any suggestions? Smaller dom? Maybe the difference in characteristics of a squash tail vs the round? I feel like maybe stepping down a few inches may help>?? I am a socal surfer mainly surfing beachbreaks like hb, bolsa, porto and try to go out to churches when I can. I surf mainly on Sat-Sun for about 3 and 1/2 seasons consistenlynow and consider myself an intermediate surfer. I am about 5-10 and 170lbs. Thanks for your advice in advance.

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    Hi. A couple of things to help you. Make sure your rear foot is right back. The dom is designed to be ridden of the back foot. What fins are you using? Also I think you should be on a 510 or 508.


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      The Dom is a touch too big for your weight, but should still work. Try smaller fins. Make sure your back foot is over the rear fin. Really drive those turns - don't be passive.


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        It usually takes about a month for me to really dial in a new board because every board rides differently. How long have you been riding your Dom?

        - Firewire Intern Josh