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Activator or Spitfire? What comes after the Dominator?

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  • Activator or Spitfire? What comes after the Dominator?

    I've been riding my 6'4 Dominator almost exclusively for the last few years, but I'm finding it lacking in steeper waves and bottom turns. This could be the board or the surfer, but I'm in the market for another board, partly because my wife has discovered it's awesomeness and is hesitant to give it back.

    I'm a 6'5 - 220lbs intermediate that surfs exclusively Costa Rica (Santa Teresa/Mal Pais). I like the higher volume of the Dominator for obvious reasons but would like to go a little shorter, and I'm torn between a 6'2" Spitfire and a 6'3" Activator.

    Any suggestions on which board would help me get on my rail faster and down the line quicker in larger surf, but still be able to handle the waist high mush when needed? I'll still have the Dominator for days when the conditions dictate, assuming I can sneak it away.

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    Hi sAFETY... I'm your weight, and 6'3" so in a similar position to yourself. I'm currently on a 600 spitfire, but ideally either a 602 or 604 would be a better fit. If you're comfortable with your current volume (it definitely isn't over volumed, but you could go smaller) you may want to look at a Unibrow. It's more high performance in shape, but still with roots from the dominator. It's going to respond better in bigger waves, but still go OK in waist high stuff.

    I'm replacing my quiver at the moment and will end up with a potatonator for the smaller stuff, and either a Hellfire or Unibrow as the next size up. Then hopefully there will be a ...Lost Rock-up available in FST for the big stuff...

    Out of the Spitfire and the Activator I can't really comment too much. I've had my SF out in 1.5x overhead... A bit too skatey, but it did work. Never ridden an activator, but I think the DOM, ACT, and SF are just too similar to have in the same quiver.


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      Second plug for the Unibrow (probably 6'6" - 6'4" if you're brave) or a Hellfire. The other two are just variations on the Dom - no big differences.


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        Hi Safety, if you want to strictly "replace" your Dom with a similar but more performance-oriented board, then you could go for an Activator 6.3. You will have 4 liter less volume, lower rails and narrower tail with less area. You will feel it quicker on rail to rail transitions. The board is a perfect small to mid wave machine. In hollower bigger waves, i recommend you an Unibrow 6.4 , 6.6 or Hellrazor 6.7 However you mentioned to want go shorter.... Chubby Chedda or the new Pile Driver could fit.


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          UB or CC in my opinion. UB will be better for the larger stuff. The CC will be great in that waist - head high range (but can also manage in the larger stuff with the right fins). Both boards will get you working your rail more.

          - Firewire Intern Josh


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            Thanks everyone. I should be a little more clear that the board would mostly replace the Dominator, so the board I'm looking for could have a lot of overlap with the Dominator, but score higher on the performance scale.

            Unibrow sounds interesting, or even the Hellfire. Now I've got four boards to consider: Hellfire, Unibrow, Spitfire, and Alternator (and I might also throw the Pile Driver in there as well).

            How will the Unibrow handle the smaller mushier waves?

            I need a Firewire Sommelier.
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              Absolutely fine in smaller waves but you'd need to work it more in mushy smaller ones.


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                Just go smaller, 602 Dominator - you will get a fair amount of extra performance but still feel at home on this board.

                By far the best board FW have ever come out with in my opinion.


                • Josh BL
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                  Surferireland is right on. The DM has been one of Firewire's best-selling boards for years. There's a reason it's "the dominator". You can't go wrong.

                  - Firewire Intern Josh