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  • fins for dominator

    hey guys,
    I am 160 lbs and ride a 508 dominator. I want a new set of fins and i was wondering what you guys ride on your doms. I would prefer a quad setup but i would be open to look at a thruster setup too. Currently i ride the cheap fiberglass fcs fins. My board has fcs boxes. (fusion not the keyless ones) I will surf the board from 2-6 foot waves normally.

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    I personally like the K3's as a thruster and just throw in QPX trailers when swapping over to a quad. I have 40lbs on you though. I'd have thought PC5's as quad and thruster would be good. Maybe the other Kelly fin, the K2.1 which comes as a 5 fin set up? I personally like a thruster if the wave has even a bit of push and use a quad only where I want to hang on to my speed at all costs; the speed of a quad comes with less drive, power and precision in turns for me.


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      Stretch Quads are amazing on Dom and Spit models... I've heard good things about the K2.1's and also WCT fins...


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        I've had pretty good results with the FCS Nexus Quad set (mediums), you can use a stabiliser fin and that seems to work well too. Tried my Shapers S-YU's today as a thruster, which are more drivey and raked back and it seemed OK although I'm not sure I could handle a more upright fin set.

        Such a nice board the Dom, with the new models it's easy to overlook this gem.