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Advantages of Dominator over Potatonator?

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  • Advantages of Dominator over Potatonator?

    I took a chance on a 2nd hand 6' 0" Potatonator, got to say I'm loving it.

    I'm an improving beginner, 78kgs aged 40, have good balance from years of skating / snowboarding.

    I usually ride 2-3ft crappy waves (UK), my other board is an Addvance 6' 10" which I love but feel it has more float than I need.

    I wasn't sure I'd get waves on the PN but it's been ok, actually doesn't feel too small at all, I instantly felt more at home as it felt more like a skateboard, though it's tough if the waves are fat as my paddling isn't great.

    My question is what advantages will the Dominator (or Spitfire) give me over the potatonator at my level?

    I only ask as I assume the Dominator is a easier board to ride than the PN, and I would have to ride it a few inches bigger (6' 4").

    I'm assuming the Dom will handle bigger waves, but to be honest I'm not good when it's big (head height) and i'd defo reach for the Addvance in these conditions.

    The main reason I'm asking as I'm off to Sri Lanka in a few weeks, and am worried that the Addvance might be too big and the PN a little small (I'm taking both)
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    I would honestly say that you are set with the PN up to head high and a bit. I owned one for a year and loved the little board. I would run as a quad if it's big and faster you just seam to get more speed from the get go with the quad. I don't see a big advantage in the Dom or spit over the PN. I would look a a Uni or Minidriver to complement the PN. There is also a new pin tail board on its way like a Dom on steroids.


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      I agree with pmorgan... no point in a dom and a p-nator. Look at Unibrow or the new one the double agent...


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        Thanks guys.

        Guess I was thinking I would sell the PN and replace with the Dom if it was going to help me improve.


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          A tweener board would probably be a UB, SF, or HF. The DM will be a good step above a PN, but won't be as big of a step as say a UB.

          - Firewire Intern Josh