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Dominator FST with reinforced deck and tow inserts, advise please...

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  • Dominator FST with reinforced deck and tow inserts, advise please...

    Hi Guys
    Just wanted some advice. I have a chance to buy a Dominator FST 6'0 $400 with board bag and leggie and cheap plastic fins. It's in very good nick but has had some... er, modifications done to it. It has had tow plugs installed pluss two layers of 6 ounce vac bagged on the deck. Pics and video attached below:
    The guy who did it seems to have done a good job. Its a 6'0 Firewire Dominator and now weighs 3.4 kg (about 7.5 pounds) without fins which is a little on the heavier side. Wondering if this extra two layers of 6 ounce would affect the flex characteristics much? Would that extra pound or so affact performance much? I am a better than average surfer but not doing airs, just lots of power turns and stuff so I am not sure the weight issue is a biggie or not? FLex???
    Also, the way he did the fiberglas cut, as seen in the photo if you zoom in, he did not do a butterfly cut and just cut it straight off at 90 degrees just under the air vent, would this straight cut mean that the board has a weak spot?
    Thanks for advice, I dont want to waste time or money on a board I wont be happy with so your feedback on how this would affect performance and if it would create an stress point on the board would be much appreciated.

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    I'd stay clear personally. Stiffer and heavier plus the potential for other problems to rear their head down the line


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      Buy cheap buy twice!