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  • Deck repair

    I've got an FST Dominator with some d-lam on the deck, about a 2 inch square of fiberglass has pealed off to expose what seams to be the composite deck skin. It's soft to the touch. Is this layer water tight? I'm going to put a patch on it but want to make sure I don't have any water inside. Any advise?

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    I've had a lot of issues on my Dom of late in terms of deck cracks. I get the impression once they start they're hard to stop. They seem to develop without cause after a while, even with professional repairs. Anyway, if it's soft to the touch, it's almost certainly wet foam you're touching. It needs to be dried out and then repaired. As I say though once that happens my experience is it's the first of many problems. If I had the spare money I'd just replace my Dom with a new one, but I don't so I'll need to nurse it through summer.


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      I should add the drying process could take a few days to a week. You may even need to expose more of the foam to do that. Unless they're hairline cracks I get my epoxy repairs done professionally.