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  • 6'2 or 6'4 Dominator

    Hi!! Im 511, btw 195-202 lbs and 35 yr/old. Started surfing on and off for the last 3 years (around 30x a year), average (beg-int) skills. I currently have a Lost SD2 6 6- 19.75″-2.75″ - my first board after my surfing comeback but find myself having trouble catching waves in 2-4 ft range. Id like to buy stable monster catching surfboard that have good performance, can be surfed up to head high, and that could also help me linking & connecting up my turns better. Is the Firewire Dominator the right board for me and if so what size I should get, 62 or 64?.
    Thanks mate!

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    Tricky one, how good is your paddle, do you struggle to catch waves or is it more once you are on connecting sections? I am similar weight to you at 205lbs and surf a 6'4" spitfire which is essentially a Dom with slightly different tail. I use it in everything from 1.5" (waist high) to 5" (approaching double o/head) and it paddles awesome and doesn't feel too big for me, but... I am 6'4" tall. I would say if you can paddle strongly go the 6'2" and enjoy the extra turning ability, but if you are currently not getting enough waves then go the 6'4" and progress on that for a while and drop down to something shorter when you get a bit more experience under your belt. Also the Dom is coming out in 1" increments this year, although seems to drop out at 6'1" so don't think a 6'3" will be available. Great board though, you won't be dissapointed. Try it out as a quad as well, love this setup on my board.


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      Thanks for the reply Monty. IMHO my paddle abilities are not that good. Usually I can paddle fine for the first 30mins (maybe catch 3 or 4 waves - two turns, basic cutbacks, a little of trouble dealing with whitewater), after that I feel myself heavy and missing the take off zone. I think that 6'4 might be better but Im scared of investing $700+ and out growing it too fast.


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        Sounds like you are only getting out every second week at 30x year, and that being the case maybe sacrificing some turning ability for more paddle-ability each session to catch more waves and progress your surfing is the way to go.

        Other people might have different advise as I think this board should be ridden technically a little smaller than your height, but as you say there is no point spending big $$$ on a board and not catching waves. I would recommend buying in FST and trying hard to look after your board, they hold their value really well so if you do find yourself outgrowing the board in a years time you will still be able to get some good dollars for it - but thing is the Dom is a great small wave board as well so you just might find yourself hanging onto it for the smaller days and buying a more progressive HPSB which is my next step!!!


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          To give you an idea, I was riding a 600 when I was 200lb and it floated me better than any board I've ever had. I'm now 220lb (pure muscle of course... ha!) and would only now ride a 604. If i were in your shoes I wouldn't go and bigger than a 602 DM. If you're concerned about outgrowing it, look at a 602 spitfire. It's pretty much the same board in terms of catching waves etc, except it's range is a little better and you can push it a little harder due to the stepped down diamond tail.

          If you don't want to go down that track, look at a Potatonator in a 510 or 600. Lower rocker for easier wave catching, and designed for those 2-4' days.


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            Thanks for the advice Justo. For sure Im gonna order the board this week but still undecided about the size. I think 6'2 might be the right call since I only top 200 pounds when Im fully domesticated or chained to my desk job for more than two months. Can you surf the Dom in 4-8ft face height waves?


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              I'm 200lbs or so and surf the 6'4" Dom. I'd be surfing 150-200 days a year. I'm also 48 years of age and surf the Dom in almost exclusively small waves. I love this board and for it's intended use wouldn't go any smaller. If I was looking to cover a broader range I'd get a 6'2" or 6'3". It's really hard to be precise and frankly either board will work but surfing only 30 days a year I'd say the 6'4".