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    CBD is not working at the moment but i'm trying to get the volume down on a stock 506 Dom. Personally i don't think you can better this shape for up to head high waves and that is basically all i surf due to where i live.

    It might sound really stupid to pay the extra cash for so little change, but i want a 5'6 model, 2 1/4 thick and 0.25 less in the nose width. I'm sure someone will just tell me to buy a Unibrow but that is going to grovel very well when it's only waist high. Ideally i'd like a board finishing at about 27.5 l. The stock 5'6 was too thick for me at 155 lb in weight and i had trouble burying the tail. I had a 5'6 spit but even that seem to hangup a bit when it was hollow.

    I've got time on my side and don't need a board till May (don't know if that's achievable in the UK?) but I basically want one board that will feel comfortable in 1-4 ft conditions.

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    I'd go for it. Maybe take a touch off the overall width too. I always found the Dom style boards too wide but that's just me. I'm not sure on the turn around time with UK customs. Mine took 6 months but there were a bunch of logistics issues at the time. Bruce did mention to me a while ago about reducing or scrapping the custom extra charge but I'm not sure if that ever happened. Worth looking into for sure.


    • Baker
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      Yep likely i'll miss out as i think there's boards coming in next month then likely autumn after that. Is it also right Rapidfire tech is on its way out, i like some boards in FST but not thick ones.

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    LFT has replaced RF. Should have a similar feel. There is usually quite a few deliveries through the springer/summer. Mid march, early may maybe, usually one in June. It'd be worth looking into.


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      Whats the word on the street with the Timbertek's (technograin sounded much more cool) i see that these are even lighter than RF. Just don't want to look like a knob down the beach.
      You seen any at DTL near you?


      • Phill
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        Technograin was really light with hardly any external lamination and a very thin hot coat. The current Timberteks have a full 2oz lamination now I believe and a solid top coat. They are still slightly lighter than FST, maybe similar to RF but not as light as they were before. They feel nice under foot though.
        I had a TT Baked Potato briefly. I liked the construction, but didn't really get on with the shape of that one and sold it after a bunch of frustrating surfs.