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  • Dominator in Canda

    Hi guys, I am looking to get my first Firewire board.

    Vitals :
    127 lbs.
    26 YO

    The board I own is a channel isalnds 6'0" Frot Knox, 25.6 l, I don't have that board where I live (Vancouver, Canada), a tad too small (volume wise)...
    I have the opportunity to grab a 5'8" dominator (31l). I was at first thinking to get a 5'8" unibrow, but that one used came up...
    I am looking for a bigger board since I will have to wear a wetsuit gloves booties hood ... and I have trouble generating speed with my CI.

    Do you guys think a 5'8" Dom is too big for me and I should be on a 5'6" or does it seems reasonable ? If it is a little on the too big side, can I compensate using a quad fin setup rather than a thruster set up ?

    Thank you for your help.

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    5'6 would be better, but if it's a good deal go for it.