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Don't underestimate the power of a dominator

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  • Don't underestimate the power of a dominator

    I wasn't aware of firewire boards when the dominator was popular and in hype. I wanted to try one out for a long time but I always thought (and was told) it was for beginners so I never bought or even tried one before. I love my Unibrow so I thought, since the Dominator is the step down sibling packed with more volume, thickness and width in a shorter length it could be my board for small surf with better performance that my TT 5'1 Baked Potato. I like the BP, it catches waves really easy, it's fast and duck dives very well compared to other fun boards but I wasn't having a lot of fun in turns and little cut backs so after a lot of research I bought a FST 5'4 dominator and guess what...? It proved my theory right. After my first session in knee-waist high waves it officially became my board for small surf and not to mention it will be more forgiving when I mistakenly take it out on bigger days. So my quiver now consist of a FST dom 5'4, an FST uni 5'6 and a TT 9'4 TJ everyday. I might add a 5'8 hashtag in winter time but it's barely spring time here in Cali.

    Just my different point of view on the dominator.

    By the way, the BP didn't last very long on craigslist AND the grom pricing for my dominator was a huge plus!

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    I use the Dom just like you do - as a tiny wave groveller. It rocks in that capacity. While people have raved about the various Potatoes in small surf I've never found the Dom lacking in the absolute tiniest conditions. I certainly see guys in the surf on tiny days on those other boArds and I never feel the Dom gives up anything in terms of performance, and it carves real turns!


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      Yeww! What size do you ride your dom compared to your everyday board?

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    Yep, me too. Use it in anything down to the un-surfable.

    I ride a 5'8" and my everyday board is a 6'0" Futura or a pu 6'2" (c.28.5L) if it's a bit punchier.

    I'm 185cm and 75kg.


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      Same length for me OMB. My MD is 6'4", my PD 6'4" and the Dom 6'4". I want the extra volume for a short wave board. I'm 90kg.


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        the dominator is definitely one of the best boards we have ever made...


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          I just talked a mate into buying a 2nd hand 6'4' Dom, im trying to tell him it wont be a good groveller but i am optimistic after reading these posts he will be loving it in small waves. He is off to the Telos in Oct so im sure it will get a good test in quality waves.


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            killer Keith! yes he will!


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              I DID underestimate the power of the Dominator! And in the process of my last surf a few hours ago i answered all my questions. It was clean offshore, chest to head high sets, peeling for 50+ metres, and there was 6 mals and a sup, me the lone shortboarder. I caught more waves than anyone else, rode them longer and faster and did some real turns.
              The board is so versatile, i love it at 1.5x overhead and now i love it in chest high waves. I could have ridden a shorter board and hit the lip a bit more but the paddle in speed would not have been there. I would still love to try a Potato family board but that can wait until it warms up a bit. I am now 100% convinced the Dom of any size would go great in Indo or any quality waves from waist to 1.5 over. I grew up surfing single fins so i have the flow style happening, this board suits me perfectly, now i just want to try the whole range!


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                Hey oceanminded would love to hear your comments on my 5'4 dom thread! The grom price is attractive but i dont know if itl have quiet enough float/length to fit where i want it.