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  • First test drive 5.10 DA

    Just wanted to share my input about this board.
    First my stats Beg-int, 72kg , Full 5mm wetsuit,gloves,boots,hood.
    Ive ridden a 5,8 Potatonator the last year or so.

    I debated a long time about the size, but went with the "safe" option a 5,10 its 0,6 lt more then the pnator.

    Waves today was really powerless, strong onshore and mabye 2ft beachies. First thing i noticed when paddling out was the volume under chest, the board paddled like a longboard compared to my 5,8 pnator. Catching waves was way easier on the DA compared to the pnator. The waves was really bad so couldnt really do anything fun but, the refined tail was biting quite well. Very stable board, but felt a bit corky. I was planning to use this board as a go to board where i live since the conditions are like this quite often. If the waves would be better more often i would never "upsize" this board since the volume under chest and ease of paddling makes it fly.

    Board look sick =)

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    I wrote up a test review as well and your quote "I would never "up size" this board" is spot on. This board is a good shortboard replacement when the surf is weak and under chest high. Thanks for the review! -Anthony


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      Thanks for your review, Hyper! Post up some pics if you have time...


      • BFILK
        BFILK commented
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        Did you get your hands on the DA yet? Wondering how it compares to the potato

      • Goodfish
        Goodfish commented
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        Not yet! I'm actually seeing if I can change it to a Nano...

      • BFILK
        BFILK commented
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        You will LOVE the nano

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      Best store ever. Managed sto swap it for a 5,8.
      Had it out for a testdrive today. So much better!! Didnt feel the "corkyness" and it still paddles really well. This board is going to be so much fun! Very easy to turn.


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        Hey Hyper, how tall are you? I've got this weird thing with my knees causing the tail of my board to dip while standing up. This causes the nose to swing up and hence I either loose the wave or take off funny.

        I'm 6'1", long legs and my current daily driver is a 5'5" BP. I never had these issues with my 5'11", 5'7" or 5'2" boards. I'm thinking a 5'8" would be safe length.

        I've tried keeping my knee stiff during lift off but it feels unnatural. I'm pretty aware of whats going on witg my body and surroundings as analysis has been my profession for over 20 years. And I feel that body mechanics play into proper board length. BTW, I have much issues buying proper length pants and must always tailor them. I'm mentioning this to simply illustrate my situation.


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          Im 6 feet tall and also got long legs. Hmm never had that problem sorry, but 5,8 is the shortest ive surfed so. BP must be fun, was thinking about one a few months ago but waited for the DA instead. Seems it can catch those small ones but still do well in better surf.

          Hehe funny with your pants, i got monkey arms impossible to find a decent shirt that fits haha. Good for paddling thou =)


          • aurfalien
            aurfalien commented
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            Same on the sleeves. Armani Exchange has well fitting shirts as does English Laundry; now called Michael David, generous on the sleeves. At any rate, the BP is an awesome board for sure but the DA seems like such a radical design and I've loved DMs shapes for a long while now.