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Size Advice Needed - Please - 5'7'' or 5'9''??

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    The K3s are proven in solid surf and have never let me down . The H3s have worked great for me on other boards yet to try them on the Fuego no point as I am set on the K3s.


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      Originally posted by Chris View Post
      Rusty you ride them in bigger waves? i am not sure I would like that extreme can't with a good head of steam.
      I don't think the H3s have that added cant that the H2s have do they?


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        No, not to the same extent. I have used them in a thruster setup on a day where the faces were solid head and a half. I thought they went great.

        EDIT: Rusty, do yourself a favour and throw the H3s into the El Fuego. They match the board so well.
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          Might just take you up on that , waves on the way.


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            My first FireWire is a 6'0 x 19.5 x 2 5/16 Stealth in the original technology. The board has been simply magic for me in California waves. Trestles, 3rd Pt Malibu, and some of the beaches around Encinitas. The board is 30.5 liters but feels perfect. In the past, I was riding Mayhem hp shapes at 6 x 18.5 x 2 1/4 which had a lower volume but I never surfed as well as I am now with a higher volume board. I've gone from average intermediate to entering advanced with the FireWire stealth. Doing tail blows both frontside and backside and starting ton find ramps to launch from.

            The deal is that I'm relocating to Maui and will be surfing Honolua Bay, Hookipa and various reefs with more hollow sections. I have my step up quiver dialed locally in Hawaii, but I'm looking for a high performance shape that will feel loose and have that extreme tail rocker like the stealth, as my stance and feet positioning feel very natural on this board, but still easy to paddle into bigger surf and hold in the barrels. I'm looking for that short board that will work in head high to double overhead without being a step up and can still work in punchy hawaiian reefs at waist to shoulder high as well.

            I like the shape of the Michel Bourez model, but the stock dimensions that match the 30.5 volume of the stealth seem way too big. Anything above 2 5/16 thickness feels too floaty. I've felt a MB under my arm and it feels right but not sure if the rocker will feel right under my feet compared to the Stealth or the stock dims, which are too big.

            I'm 5'10 and 165-170 lbs max. Im a light-footed surfer and more carvy and fast.

            What size and what model will be a natural transition for me? I love Firewires and don't want to ruin my progress, but know that the Stealth will have it's limitations with more water and power in Maui in average size surf of 1-6 ft for short boards.

            Any feedback or help is appreciated...


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              600 Mini Driver in FST? Although I think that's much flatter out the tail.

              For a surfer of your ability and weight, especially trunking it in Hawaii I'd have you down around the 28l range which would put you spot on for the thinner 600 Michel Bourez. I think that would have plenty of volume for you. More than enough for someone who surfs well and is light on their feet. That's my opinion at least. I'd check that one out if I were you.


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                Originally posted by Peter11121
                I just want to say you that you should make the surfboard according to your hieght how much you tall because the generally surfbaords are made according to the riders hieght 5 to 6 ft of this surfboards because when you ride in the biggest ocean waves your surfbaord never slip..........
                Maaaaate, you'd better let all the surfboard designers know about this idea LOL I sense a troll/spam attack coming.