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New 5'11" El Fuego for sale in Taiwan!

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  • New 5'11" El Fuego for sale in Taiwan!

    I was in too much of a rush after a quick trip to Indo to get a good board here in Taiwan, and on advice of a friend pulled the trigger and orderd this ElFuego through the rep. Should arrive next week. However, now I see its best to stay on boards with greater length and volume for awhile . So anyone want to buy a new board? I'm sure we can arrange a good deal for you.

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    Hi, is the board FST or RapidFire? Also, what kind of tail does it have? Could you upload a photo? Last question...How much? Thanks!


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      I'd keep it if I were you? Its a great board and you should at least try it out first. I've the exact same board in FST and its very cool. How much you weigh etc..