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    As the Firewire forums were very helpful to me when I was trying to decide on a board, I thought I would share some thoughts on what I ended up with. I am an intermediate(previously advanced intermediate) surfer in my mid forties. I used to surf 5-10 times per week but now due to where I live I can only get in the water on weekends, holidays, and summers. I say this because I am not in great paddle shape. I am about 5'8" and weigh around 200 lbs (93 kgs) so I should really shed a few(or more) pounds. Anyway, I ended up getting a 6'3" Rapidfire El Fuego after much debate. My first surf on it was at Serangan in head high+ surf. Took me awhile to get used to it so I didn't really catch too many waves that day. There was also a strong current so I was worn out but the board certainly paddles well. After a few sessions at Cangu and Balian I was starting to get the hang of it. I found that this board really works better with a quad set-up rather than tri. Off to Lombok and the swell picked up. Surfed outside right in Grupuk Bay at a couple feet overhead and got totally worked. Couldn't seem to get in early enough and it seemed a little big for this board. Surfed Don Dons and inside right (whatever the name is) at about Head high a day or two later and it all clicked. From this point on the board was magic. Flying through flat sections, big round house cutbacks, floaters, the board seemed to surf itself. Have since surfed in conditions from knee high to a couple feet overhead (1-2 ft overhead seems its limit with head high to 1 ft over being perfect). Most recent session was overhead offshore barrels in the Philippines and while I wished I had a different board, the El Fuego still handled it. Love this board!
    I am now totally sold on the Firewire technology. The boards are light, strong, and float, paddle, and surf well. As a heavier surfer, by riding Firewire I can still ride shorter boards without sacrificing paddle. I have since bought a 6'6" Hellfire as my step-up board. Check the forum there for another positive review.
    Hope this helps,

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    Oh how I miss my Elf!

    such a great board


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      What fins were you riding Rhill? I almost sold my ELF and decided against it as i just cannot replace it as it surfs point breaks so well.


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        Not much of a photoger but this baby is a rare one, colored at the factory. Such a great lil board. I've surfed it as a tri, quad and tri/quad using the nubster. Worked really well in all configs.

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          Calling all El Fuego owners... Looking into getting an Elf but how does it compare to a Potatonator and a Spitfire? The specs say the Elf has a slightly wider nose and a slightly narrower tail. More performance? It seems to have more rocker than the Potatonator. The Spitfire, not sure. Please advise. Mahalo


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            Sorry for the late reply. The El Fuego was such a good board for me and as I've said on here many times - I shouldn't have sold it!
            It was such a good go to board in most conditions up to 5ft but I probably would describe it as a perfect point break board as well - think long and walled up. Caught waves very easily and was also very fast due to the flat entry rocker but turned on a dime due to the kick in the tail.
            It made me surf with long flowing turns more out on the face of the wave. Another thing I loved was how it accelerated out of a cutback into the foam.
            Did I say I miss this board?
            I rode a 6'1" at 95kg's no worries

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          Well that's a good question. Nev had posted a write up on the old forum comparing the Spit, EF, Dom etc...

          I think the PNator is simply an odd one, spliced DNA from SP+Dom, no comparison to the EF. The Spit on the other hand seems like a sweet board.

          Any one mind posting that old Nev article on his comparisons, he preferred the EF.


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            I couldn't find an archive of the old post but I remember him saying the Spit/Dom was better with more vertical surfing, but the ELF would be better if someone needed to keep going down the line. I read that post time and time again trying to decide which board to buy. I still love my ELF. Just had it down in PR earlier in the winter and it was doing much better than i thought it would at 6 ft middles. z

            Aurfailen what fins are you rocking on that? I have been using stretch fins but I can't say I love them.


            • aurfalien
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              Hey, really sorry for the late reply as I didn't even see this post till now. At any rate, I've been doing MRTFX tri or same as a quad with added GXQ.