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5/9 or5/11 elf

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    Man I'm jealous! Maldives does literally look like paradise.


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      Hi matt
      most likely the central and northern atolls
      What boat charter were you on or land based
      The boats we are looking at are handufali`cobia and handu
      if anyone has got any feedback on what is a good charter that would be great


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        PRJ - Yeah iv done sri lanka twice and costa rica once (got unlucky in costa rica somehow! storm stalled off the coast and brought messy waves for 2 out of 3 weeks!!) I think if you shop around you could probably get two weeks out of it for 1500 (north male atoll) - in my opinion if you can push for the extra 500 for funds over sri lanka you will get waves that are more than 50% better - the trip is a little pricey but with what a lot of surf camps/charters charge these days I recon its a good deal overall and you will come away feeling like its well spent. Sri lanka is also one of the most fun places i have ever been as an all round trip/experience, i guess a great trip would be get a flight with sri lankan airlines to the maldives with a stop over in colombo, do 7 -10 days on a boat charter and then spend a week or two in aragum bay. that would be an awesome trip!

        Remedy - i went with lineupexplorers and we had the boat MV swell, it was a good boat overall but the AC was broke which I have to say equalled a lot of bad nights sleep for me, but in the end it didnt really bother us cause the crew were absolute legends, 5 of the nicest hard working guys ever. I think cobia and handu, handufali, I dont think you can go wrong with either of the handu's, saw them cruising and they looked nice, I think getting either of those if you can would be a good move, just shop around a get which ever one looks good there are a lot of different boats, 4 seasons explorer if you have unlimited funds (way out of my price range hah). You will enjoy both the northern and central atolls, plenty of perfect set ups

        Tallkook - check out Machines in lammuu, best wave we came across in the centrals! call it machines because its like a machine makes the waves I recon

        I really want to go again :/


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          thanks for your feedback matt. Thinking about going in june .What have your experiences been on what is the best time to go regarding crowds and quality waves plus favourable winds


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            Hi guys!
            I have the same question! The board size.

            I am 35 yo, 1,72m and 71 kg. Been surfing for 4 years and I put myself in a beginer-intermediate level.
            I've been looking an ELF 6'1, but after reading preavious posts, i'm afraid that is going to be to big for me!
            What do you think?