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    The "Formula 1".... is inspired by the ultimate performance of F1 racing cars. The perfect combination of speed and turning. Everything I have learned in 20 years of shaping, influenced by working with the best shapers and surfers in the world culminates into this. What I consider to be the perfect combination of both drive and glide with both carving arcs and tight radius turning. It features design elements from every high performance model we have ever made (From the SD series to the Whiplash and Psycho Ward). Simply put, it's our take on the modern, cutting edge, high performance short board. Now available in FST technology.

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    Delaminated deck 5'11 - F1


    since 2 months i surf the Firewire Lost F1 5'11.
    Very nice board and it really flies!

    Since this morning i found out that de deck has delaminated. There is a patch(bubble) about the size of my hand, right under my front foot.
    It did not take any water i think, since there's no crease or hole. It does feel like there is a bit of pressure under it. I can't make a photo of it, cause you won't be able to see it.

    Serial nr: 52269-1

    Could this be a production fault?? I'm only 62kg, about 1.75 high, and didn't surf it in heavy conditions. We are travelling to sri-lanka next week for the next three months. after that a visit to friends in thailand, so i'm not able to visit a dealer / factory.

    What's the best thing to do? Cut it open and fill it up with resin??? Leave it this way?
    Hope you can advise me what to do.

    Thanks !


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      I have some pictures of the damage, but i can't post them on the forum? Keeps on giving me the message ''upload failed''.


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        Try hosting them on photobucket and then upload via URL and uncheck the box that says about remote linking.

        Regarding fixing, is there any authorised repair centres near you? I think vacuum bagging would be the best way to repair it. I'm sure Chris will get in touch when he see's this and take care of you.
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          Originally posted by Bas View Post
          I have some pictures of the damage, but i can't post them on the forum? Keeps on giving me the message ''upload failed''.
          Bas, I just test posted a pic and the upload functionality seems to be working for me ... how are you trying to upload? if you hover over the 'edit post icons' there's a green square with a tree in it, hover over that and it says "insert image" ... are you using that or something else?

          thanks prj, appreciate the input


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            Thanks prjwebb,

            We're in Sumatra right now, so there won't be anything around for a ''vacuum bagging'' The closest we get is in thailand, phuket at the end of march. Just for a short week to meet friends, after that we hit northern sumatra again...
            Any options for a quick-fix?
            Posted the pictures in the 'insert image' here in the forum. I'll try it again...


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                  it's my toe side of the board that's delaminating.


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                    Hey Bas,
                    I am going hit you back via email.



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                      Thanks Chris,

                      Looking forward!
                      Just put a line around the place so it's better visible for you.
                      It actually grew over night! There's a fair bit of pressure in it, and i'm sure there's no water under it.
                      Even a my back foot there are a lot of dents, no biggy but there's a 3 year old firewire flexfire here, surfed a lot more, harder, and that board has none!


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                            there are more places where the deck delaminates. A few little spots between my front and back foot also appear to delaminate. The rails and bottom are still perfect.
                            It's been sitting inside for a day now and there is still al little water comming from the vent, don't know if that's an issue, just want to give you as much info as possible.



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                              In front of the tailpad a lot of dents.