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  • One Quiver Board for High Performance

    Im 75kg (with 43 wetsuit on), 1,84m high, skinny guy, good paddle out but not always in super shape for easy wave entry in bigger surf. (somethimes I think I could get much more waves)
    Ive been surfing for the last 4 years with the same board. 511 18 1/4 2 1/8 squash, All Merrick ProStandard model. But, unfortunaly, this board is dying. Need a replacement.
    I bought a Unibrow 5'8 but sold it right away.(lost money allready) I thought these boards would paddle easier for an early drop, but didnt happen with the 5'8''. Board is great but not good for bigger surf. I had hard time on drop bottom carve. Was a bad choice for what Im used to.
    When Im in good shape, I try to push power and fast bottom carves, fast snaps, full cut backs to roundhouse, and now I want to improve my aerials. I pursuit overhead surf, hollow, surf in the pocket, barrels. Great surf in Espinho, Portugal. I try to surf, at least 2x per week.

    That said, Im having problems choosing one quiver board: Formula 1, Profile V1, Flexfire, Quadra5 (who knows).
    Might be better to keep the range between 6'0 and 5'10. The most versatile for fast and vertical surf 6ft-8ft high.

    Please, help!

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    5'10 x 2"7/16 or 6'0" x 2"3/8 Michel Bouez would be my pick.


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      Between MB, F1, Prov1, wich is a more refine board on the tail (thinner rails)? MB looks boxy - for an heavy guy might be good as a compact HPSB. Ive read here that F1 might be to sensitive and unforgiving on the front foot placement. (do you confirm?) Anyway, your advice seems very good, because you allowed me more volume to paddle easier on a 510 HPSB, might go very fast on medium surf, to go for aerials, but Im just a bit worried on the beefy tail rails for carving on bigger high speed surf. I just hate the feeling of a board that doesnt grab instantaneously on the vertical face of the wave on the drop/take off when its double overhead, hollower surf. I love vertical crazy take offs. For me the drop is the critical moment to control the rest of wave, and it tells me if the board suits my needs or not. I can adapt to the board on the rest of the manouvers, but the control on takes offs is mandatory. Not sure if I make sense, but I throwing my feelings out. I wonder if I am worrying about the wrong issues. Based on my experience with the 511 2 1/8 and Unibrow 5'8, more volume on a shorter board doesnt mean, necessarly, earlier take off. I did better on my 5'11. Im not sure if its because Im so used to the 511 and I felt strange over the UB 58. MB 510 makes some sense because its just 1'' shorter but with much more volume (3 Lt at least, comparing to the 5'11), and has the same volume as the UB 58, but not so short.
      Apreciate your time



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        The MB def carries more thickness than the Profile and F1. Based on what you're riding now the thinner 5'10 MB would work, but at 75kg around 27l is a more ideal volume range. Maybe try to check a few of those models in the racks. As you're used to 2"1/8 which seems very thin for your weight, I think the 2"7/16 MB could feel too thick. The thing is, to get more volume something has to give.


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          the flexfire is nicely foiled.... volume under your chest/front foot and not in the rails or tail... instant bite and drive... the newer boards tend to follow the flatter deck/thicker rail trend....Nev and i both rode the 6'2 x 18 3/4 x 2 1/2 as a one board quiver at 70kg and 90kg respectively ... futuers jc honeycomb fins... its a classic tried and true pro style board...
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            MB is an obvious go-to one wave hpsb, but I would also throw the HZ into the mix. The HZ is a really good hpsb with tons of speed and maneuverability and personally I love that board (will work in chest high surf as well).

            - Firewire Intern Josh


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              I'm looking for a board for a trip to the Mentewai's in September. I have a 5'5 FST VG and a 5'10 FST V4. I am looking at the current range of HP boards and nothing really graphs my attention for a good bigger wave board.

              Have read that the Artillery is really for big, taking off under the lip, barrelling, tube riding waves were as the FlexFire is more for good quality reasonable large surf yet still quite manoeuvrable on the wave which is probably more of what i am after.

              Have considered the Profile V1, HellRazor, Mayhem F1, Bourez which are mainly shorter wider boards or have thicker rails. I am considering a custom Alternator or a custom FlexFire.

              Anyone got any suggestions or ideas..i'm not looking at going out in 6-10 foot waves but would still like something that i know i can feel confident on in bigger stuff.

              Any thoughts on a custom 6'3-6'5 round/Square tail of the FlexFire?


              • Phill
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                The stock 6'4 x 18.75" x 2.38" round tail Flexfire will suit your needs perfectly I reckon.

              • Fazza
                Fazza commented
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                Thanks Phil was thinking something similar to that. As they are special order i could take the opportunity to get a custom.

                Wouldn't mind seeing what dimensions a Hellrazor 2 is.

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              Could be wrong Fazza but the new 2014 catalogue that's been circulated on the forum has been naming the Hashtag as a new take on the Hellrazor, looks like a slightly more refined unibrow to me and less of a HPSB, but maybe there still is a Hellrazor 2 on the cards. Still disappointed there is no V4 thunderbird step up as I was really keen on this from the images.


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                A couple of weeks ago there was some info from one of the retailers online about both the Hashtag Model and the Hellrazor 2. (Along with the Double Agent and possibly the Nano) It was subsequently pulled from the retailers website shorty after the link was posted on the forum. From memory - in that info it seemed like the Hellrazor was taken in opposite directions, to get 2 different boards.
                # all-round board for slightly fatter/weaker conditions vs Hellrazor 2 - more streamlined to suit good conditions even better than the original. It had a diamond tail in the pic.


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                  Lost V2 shortboard 510, Or a 510 Driver if you prefer more rocker. Not available in FST though. But IMHO if the surf is bigger and more offshore I go back to PU. The MB or a CBD alt if your set on a FW.
                  They do last longer.