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    Ive been totally revamping my Board pile, I'm 180 after wetsuit and ride a 510 Dom for small surf a 5'10 sub scorcher for small punchy surf and a 6'2 x2/38 alt for average surf . Waiting on a 6'0 thick Michel for bigger cleaner days and and in the middle of getting a step up for big punchy days with some tube to them .. You think the 6'6 x 18'3/4 x 2'1/2 will be the board or should I look for more volume as that matches the volume of my alternator??

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    Hey Jneave,

    I actually think that 606 is a good option. I am close to your specs and I ride close to the same boards as you and that is a board I would consider taking on a trip.

    At 606 its pretty long so just keep that in mind. If you are hitting reefs and slabs, then you are great with that one. Its also ok that it has a little less volume because you will be riding it in better more powerful surf. I have been using the 602 Alternator with a round tail a bit but I am using it to step up in SoCal waves mostly and most of the time I am not in barreling surf...

    So in short I think you are in a good spot with that board, just added a few points from my perspective...



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      That's great feedback, the 6'6 will be a great vacation board aswell as a winter board!