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ifference between a couple of flexflights

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  • ifference between a couple of flexflights

    i get amped when you add some boards to the website but wish there was a little more info sometimes...heres my question

    i am looking at the 2 flexflight boards below...i cant find much additional information on them....they look pretty similar by whats given so i was wondering if you could give me nose and tail width on each, fin set up on each and other than the squash vs moon is there much difference in the outline or rocker between the two....any additional comments on a comparison would be much appreciated...thanks


    XFF-901M-03 9' 1" 23" 3 3/8" moon 76.4

    XFF-900Q-03 9' 23" 3" squash 76.8

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    I've had both. Had the 9'1" first and loved it. Then I got the 9', and, man, it is even better. Got rid of the 9'1". The 9' is still my go to volume board. It does very well up to about double overhead on the south shore (oahu) and maybe head and a half on the north shore. I have yet to find a performance longboard that is as good as the 9' Q (though I just ordered the rounded pintail that has 69l volume to try).