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    I have an older FST 9'0" 2+1 roundpin. This is the thinner 2 3/4" model. I haven't ridden it much because I could never find a good fin setup. I know it's an older board but is anyone still riding one? What side and center fins are working for you?

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    Haven't ridden that one, but have ridden the 8' and the 9' Q (the 76l one) quite a bit. They like similar fins, so maybe this helps you.

    1) Takayama Halos: I use the 7 inch center and 4 3/4 sides. Really good trimming set up, good speed, so-so tail turning ability, decent middle or front of board turning ability. Good small to head high set-up.
    2) HI-1 sides, 6 inch futures performance template center (I get mine from Tropical Blends on oahu). Good drive, ok to good middle and front of the board turning ability, pretty good rear turning ability.
    3) CRV sides, thinner 6 inch center (less base). Good big wave set-up for overhead and a half or bigger. Really good hold on a big face, less drive (for big waves, you should be getting plenty of speed from the wave), good tail turning ability, weak middle and front of the board turning ability.
    4) MR-tx side, 6 inch futures performance template center. Good drive, ability to snap the nose around almost shortboard style. This is a recent set up for me, so have only tried it up to about 1-2 overhead, but it seems to do everything well so far.