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  • It arrived!

    Picked up my new baby today. Now bear in mind I hadn't actually seen one of these in the flesh before ordering. I went off the web description, reviews, the dims and gut feeling. I haven't surfed it as yet. Today was a nice solid 3-4 foot (head high to a bit above) east swell, which is Alternator territory all the way. I picked up the board on the way down for a surf and only put a leggy and tail pad on it this afternoon.

    Preliminary impressions? It feels wider than I thought it would. That's not a bad thing - just an observation. The nose area is wider than I expected - indeed the tail is too. But that's offset by it being thinner/more refined than I expected. I can see how this board will pick up speed quickly and hold it, drive off the front foot, yet still allow strong back foot surfing.

    First surf will be tomorrow. On honour of my favourite surfer the first fins to get a go are Parko KR fins (thruster). In honour of my cousin I got a Mick Lowe tail pad on EBay, and whacked that on. Can't wait for tomorrow!

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    Where are you going to test her Buzzy? Looks like we are in for some new south swell.


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      I'm not sure yet. I surfed at Manly today and had some nice waves. I'll just have a look at conditions tomorrow again. I mainly surf Bondi but most of the swell seems to be missing it at the moment. Maybe Maroubra? Not sure really. I'm glad it's raining (bucketing) as it keeps the crowds down.


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        Well best off luck, I'm heading South with the Potatonator but something tells me the Futura will get a run with the bigger waves....hope you're right about the crowds as well!


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          Waiting for that review!!!!!


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            buzzy, check cloey bommie


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              Cloey bommie? I'm not really a big wave surfer. Too much fear I have to confess!

              Ok, surfed it today in 2-3 foot Bower and Manly beach. First impressions? The paddle is absolutely fine at my weight. I haven't jumped on scales recently but I'd be around 90kg. Mind you, in coming down from 39 and 40 litre boards the wave entry is just a tad later. That might actually be a good back...


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                ...she's not actually a baby - she's nearly 2, but she's as demanding when she wakes up as ever...wahhhh, wahhhh.

                Anyway, as I was saying, the paddle is good. A touch more of an effort, but not much. And the later wave entry might actually be an advantage as it has more push by then.

                It felt wide on a wave - it felt wider than the Dom which is 21" wide whereas the Futura is 20.75" wide. There's no real detriment to that width - I guess it places it firmly in what used to be called the "semi-fish" camp that the Afterburner and similar created.

                It definitely surfs off the front foot, which is good. One uneventful close out pull in I was able to manoeuvre well on my front foot after pulling under the curtain.

                It had good initial speed on takeoff, which I expected. It also seemed to carry well over flat spots. Manoeuvrability was good, but I'm still feeling my way here. There were no turns where I thought "wow", but none where I was unimpressed. It's more a function of the waves I caught not allowing big turns, or where there was someone was paddling in the wrong spot.

                So early days. I suspect this board will sit very well between the Alt and Dom. When I've surfed it more in waves which allow more connected turns I'll report again. What is clear is this board is a very good all rounder, with probably more low end than an Alt, but probably a touch less high end.


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                  Hey Buzzy what fins did you run?
                  I surfed Cronulla this morning and it was a powerful 5ft-6ft on the very same board - had a ball when I wasn't getting smashed.
                  I am running PC5's but feel I could've / should've used a different fin today - they were only just handling the extra grunt today.


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                    I used some Parko Kinetic racing fins. Based on their stats they're a big fin, but they're described as suitable for 70-85 kg or so, with me at 90, so shouldn't be too big.

                    I only looked at Bondi's webcam but it seemed to show clean 4 foot close outs. I didn't realise it continued to pick up late.

                    I wanted some actual wave faces to try out the Futura and while it was clean with decent push I just didn't get any memorable waves. Sort of frustrating really, particularly since I wasn't surfing badly. I'm impressed with my own equilibrium now that I think about it. But my first surfs out of the water after a couple of weeks usually come with low expectations.

                    I'll use the Parko fins at least a few more times and then try out the K3's.

                    All good so far though and happy with my decision. It's also made it clear I can easily trade down to a 6'6" Alt.


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                      I'd be keen to hear how the Parko fins pan out for you - Ive had my on them for a while.
                      At 95kg and now 86kg the Futura has been good to me. I ride it in 2ft as long as it has a bit of push up to 6ft. I now have the Potatonator for smaller days.
                      I know my dominator was far better in the smaller stuff when I had it but I think it made me a bit lazy!


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                        Yeah, it's clear the Futura can handle much/most of the conditions I currently favour the Dom in. But my Dom has a touch of extra foam meaning it virtually doesn't have a bottom end. The precise preferences though will take some time to clarify.

                        The Parko find seem fine so far. I didn't get the carbon base ones - I got the PC version. They seemed to drive when I needed it and loose when I wanted that. Just today's waves I was tending to race sections and when you finally got a chance to roll into a good turn the waves seemed to dribble into a deep channel - you'd bring the turn around and pffffft, wave ended. Next week (no midweek surfing at this time of year for me).


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                          Originally posted by buzzy View Post
                          ... Next week (no midweek surfing at this time of year for me).
                          Yep the reduced daylight hours in winter are a bitch. My midweek surfs are now lunchtime dashes if I can get away.


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                            Yep, aside from skiving off work midweek surfs don't exist until at least September now.


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                              good feedback buzzy!! Stoked the board is working for you!!