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Great cork deckpad for RF!

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  • Great cork deckpad for RF!

    I had this pad stashed away for something special and lost it. Six months ago, when I got my Hellfire, it magically turned up, and has been the best deckpad I have ever owned. Matches pretty nice too...Six months and no peeling, seems lighter than normal pads too. Was kinda bummed when first looking at it, that the arch was just a short "bubble", but found it to feel more precise in knowing where my sweet spot was exactlywavetribefw.jpg. Made from cork by Wave Tribe, recycled plastic leash too. Derek Dodds at Wave Tribe is a super nice guy and makes really quality hemp boardbags, leashes, travel gear, and accessories. Check em out

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    Yea man, the cork pads in general have a nice feel.

    I got a few from OAM, good stuff.


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      I had one from OAM and it did feel good but it got saturated with water over time from surf upon surf and then not drying out properly in the board bag, and then peeled off piece by piece. I don't think I'd ever get another one.


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        looking sharp!!


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          I have sustainably grown bamboo flooring...I'm just concerned that my new sustainable dominator with a cork tail pad will become invisible if I leave it on the floor.


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            Just a follow up, nine months later, board and Wave Tribe cork pad have help up excellent. 3 day a week minimum surf


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              Hey Chance'um I really appreciate the stoke for out product.

              We were actually the first ones to come up with the cork pads and then several companies copied us . . . what is the saying, "imitation is the greatest form of flattery." We are just stoked that we are 'pushing' the industry in the right direction.

              Any Buzzy, if you send me your address I'll send you a free Wave Tribe deckpad and you can do a quality test . . . in 4 years since we made them no one has had a complaint about them peeling away, that's what happens when you copy stuff, it just isn't the same.

              Here is a link to the OG cork pad:

              Anyway, peace bros.

              Derek, Wave Tribe Founder
              Most deck pads are made out of non environmentally friendly EVA plastic. We were the first to use cork and turn your traction pad into an eco delight allowing for soft edges and super sticktion.